Chic Hollywood Red Carpet Baby Shower


When it comes to spoiling a mom-to-be, this Chic Hollywood Red Carpet Baby Shower is definitely a way to go.  Royal treatment with a long red carpet along with a throne of white was sure to let everyone know who the special VIP at this event was. Bee-unike Events did a fantastic job of making this party a sophisticated night to remember.

The venue was centered around the delicious dessert table, with a red carpet running to it that even had stars at the end for added effect.  Guest tables were arranged to each side, filling the room nicely.  The rounded tables were covered in white with chairs that had a black cover and red wrap, creating a contrast that was very chic. Small centerpieces full of gorgeous flowers were set on each table along with a table number, popcorn and a star.

A special section was set up to one side of the dessert table for the vip that showcased a massive throne framed in gold.  Set beside the chair an adorable table was covered in white with a golden runner and had the letters “Baby” spelled out in gold for decoration.

The treat table was a vision with a backdrop of gold, black, white, and red fabric that created an elegant effect.  The table itself was surrounded with fabric that was draped back giving a fantastic look. Covered in gold, this table drew the eye immediately.  A lit-up star made a lovely centerpiece at the back.  Yummy edibles offered at the party included sugar cookies shaped into baby shower favorites like onesies, and beautifully detailed cakepops.  The three-layer cake was quite astonishing with a red carpet running down the front along with film and a scene board for added style. It was finished off with an adorable red onesie on top.

Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Baby-Letters Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Cakepops Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Candles Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Chocolate-Bars Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Desserts Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Flowers-Star Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Guest-Seating Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Popcorn Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Tall-Flowers Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Throne Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Treats-Decor Chic-Hollywood-Red-Carpet-Baby-Shower-Vip-Section

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Bee-unike Events

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