Floral Copper Baby Shower


This Floral Copper Baby Shower was a purely elegant soiree with an abundance of detailing that showed the true skill of party planners from The Little Factory. The venue chosen was a cozy area with neutral tones that blended beautifully with the copper, ivory and green of the decor for this shower.

A vintage chic look was created with the dessert buffet that made it one of a kind.  With a layout of three tables rather than a single one, the treat table had a full look that allowed for lots of decorations to set the tone for the event.

A gorgeous room divider was used as a backdrop, covered in light, intricate detailing. At the center of the divider a massive ornate frame was hung, in a copper tone and filled with lovely flowers, giving a fantastic natural effect. At the back of the table on each side two tall vases filled with tall flower arrangements added to the floral decor magnificently, giving a fullness to the back that was stunning.  Underneath the table was also decorated, ensuring that the theme flowed perfectly from top to bottom.  An adorable vase of large blooms was placed on the floor, with cute little shrubs on each side.

All three of the tables displayed the delicious treats beautifully on copper, vintage trays and cake stands that added to the elegance sweetly. Each dessert was perfectly wrapped in lace and wrappers that went smoothly with this sophisticated theme.

Lamps were even expertly placed to offer soft lighting while adding to the ambiance with vintage floral shades.  Satin copper flowers and baby shoes made adorable fillers, adding to the baby theme in a unique and lovely fashion. With the abundance of natural plant life and the range of elegant decor, this party was certain to spoil a mom-to-be.

Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Buffet Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Chocolates Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Desserts-Flowers Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Dessert-Table Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Flower-Decor Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Flower-Mirror-Display Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Flowers-Decor Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Glass-Jars Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Guest-Gifts Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Knit-Baby-Manniquin Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Perfume-Bottles Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Treat-Table Floral-Copper-Baby-Shower-Treat-Tower

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The Little Factory

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