Backyard Lemonade Stand Baby Shower

Backyard Lemonade Stand Baby Shower

Are you looking for a summer baby shower theme? Do you want something simple and sweet yet fresh and unique? This Lemonade Stand Baby Shower is just the ticket! Event Planner, Nadine Gordon, took life’s lemons and made them into lemonade with this event, bringing a perfect blend of sweetness and bursts of vibrant citrus colors to the event space.

summer lemon diaper cake

This baby shower theme is perfect for summer or spring, with bright pops of yellow and fresh linen white beautifully accented with touches of brown burlap. The lemonade stand makes the perfect display location for the diaper cake and desserts, and it’s framed with a magnificent balloon tower that looks like a bountiful pile of lemons! And let’s take a minute to appreciate how gorgeous the lemonade stand is, even by itself. The delicate white details are a charming focal point for the front of the event space, almost with a vintage, 1920s feel to it. It adds so much charisma and really drives the theme home!

bright pops of yellow balloons and decors

The backdrop behind the parents-to-be place of honor is made of white and yellow sheer curtains framed by greenery at the top, giving a light and airy balance to the tent space. And the guests are sure to be feeling the fun and fresh lemonade vibes as soon as they reach their seats. Beautiful yellow, gold, and deep green shades brighten the seating areas as if you were sitting in a lemon tree!

The centerpieces are simple but so fitting for a baby shower, with the classic building blocks look topped with bunches of white flowers. Chic table runners of burlap and yellow chevron fabric tie everything together in a subtle yet effective way, too! This baby shower theme is a refreshing change from the norm, and it’s the sweetest way to celebrate a growing family!

yellow treats
squeeze the day sign
Rustic table runners of burlap and yellow chevron fabric tablescape
make your lemonade station
magnificent balloon tower
lemonade stand
lemonade barrel
Chic table runners of burlap and yellow chevron fabric
backyard lemonade baby shower setup
backyard lemonade baby shower centerpiece box
baby feet sweets
baby decor
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