Supergirl and Superman Themed Baby Shower Decorations

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What better way to celebrate your future super hero then a Superman themed baby shower? Your guests both young and old will love this theme! This theme is perfect for a baby boy, but can also be modified for a sweet baby girl.

Superman Envelope Seals

Yellow, red, and blue will be the featured colors at your party. If you are having a baby girl, you might also want to consider throwing in shades of pink. Get your super hero cape ready because there is a baby shower to plan! Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Superman Baby Shower Invitations

comics style superbaby invitation
Superman Baby Shower Invitation

Supergirl Baby Shower Invitations

free supergirl baby shower invitation editable
pink and aqua supergirl baby shower invitation

Superman Corsage

Showcase the guest of honor with this elegant corsage. The corsage is made from ribbon, cardstock, and a clasping pin. The ribbon hanging off of the bottom of the corsage reads: “Mommy-to-be.” You have the option to customize the corsage for other members of the family if desired.

While the picture shows the classic yellow, blue, and red Superman colors, you can order the corsage in black and hot pink if you are having a baby girl.

superman baby shower mommy to be corsage
by RaeLeeMaeCreations

 Superman Confetti

This Superman confetti is sure to be a hit at your baby shower! The confetti includes the iconic Superman symbol, Clark Kent glasses, the word POW, and the word BAM.

This confetti would work perfect to decorate your party table, but could also be used to fill a pinata. In addition, the confetti can be saved to use for scrapbooking after party.

superman confetti
by PartyAvenue7

Superman Cupake Topper

These superhero cupcake toppers will look adorable on your cupcakes! The toppers are sold in sets of twelve and are made from card stock mounted on food grade toothpicks.

Superman cupcake toppers

How about these fun pop art style WOW! BAM! YUM! POW! toppers! Your guests will adore your uniquely topped cupcakes!

Superhero Party Cupcake Toppers
pink supergirl cupcake toppers

Superman Soap Favors

These decorative soaps are the perfect way to say thank you to all of your guests! The soaps are sold in sets of ten and come ready to gift in cellophane bags. Each cellophane bag includes four Superman themed soaps. Already assembled favors includes a gift tag and color coordinated ribbon.

Each soap weighs approximately one ounce and measures two centimeters thick. There are over one-hundred scents to choose from, so it will be easy to find the perfect scents for your party guests. All together, you will receive forty soaps that are split between ten cellophane bags. You also have the option to order the soaps in different colors if desired.

superman soaps
by sweetsoaptreat

how to plan a supergirl baby shower

how to plan a superman baby shower

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