Boss Baby Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Boss Baby! Baby Shower Theme
by EVENTee Party

Boss Baby Invitations

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Boss Baby is a fantastic movie, but furthermore, it sparks the idea for a super adorable theme for a baby shower! Is there anything cuter than a little baby ready to get down to some seriously cute business? Break out the blue color scheme for a boy or a pink for a girl, and get ready to wow guests with a memorable baby shower for the books!



Boss Baby Decorations:

Big, block letters that spell out “BOSS BABY” are perfect for the center point of the shower, along with a huge poster of a cute animated boss baby in a suit. Garland of onesies with ties, and stand-ups of the babies from the Boss Baby movie, and bowtie shaped string lights are perfect decorations, while baby bottles full of candy and strapped with miniature ties are extra cute. Gold balloons, giant money symbols, and sugar cookies that look like cash keep in with the motif of the party great. Of course, a multi-tiered main event cake is a terrific idea, with a topper of a couple of boss babies. Sunglasses for all the guests to wear for the party, along with mini sunglasses as décor in general, are a fun addition, too. For chair accents, use oversized suspenders, and to get guests involved even further, ask them in advance to ‘dress up’ in theme, in their silliest, overdone business attire!


Set up a photo booth with jumbo business pagers and flip phones, big gangster hats, flashing light watches, and any other hilarious props you can find. If you can swing it, take photo booth pictures with a polaroid, and hang the pictures up on a board as they develop for everyone to enjoy during the shower.



Boss Baby Food!

Cupcakes with sugar check toppers, desk nameplates on tables to label guest seating assignments, and “BEST BOSS” mugs with finger snacks like pretzels or cheese crisps provide the best accents for a baby boss shower. Speaking of cute boss mugs, you can use paper sacks to fill with the best guest favors, such as a boss coffee mug, bowtie keychains, or suit jacket wine charms. Then, once you’ve got your bags full, fold them down and garnish them with the right craft accents so that they look like suits! Want an extra does of fun for the boss baby shower? Have the actual movie Boss Baby playing on the big screen for the best background for the celebration.

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