How to Set Up a Candy Buffet Table

DIY Candy Buffet - Table Set Up Tips

Candy Buffet Table

Is there any better way to celebrate a baby than with an adorable candy buffet? Totally customizable to whatever theme or colors you choose, it’s the sweetest way to shower a mother to be.

If you’re interested in having a candy buffet at your baby shower, but don’t want to pay an event team to set one up, we have great news! Shari’s Berries has created a candy buffet guide that walks you through setting one up step-by-step. Check it out, and let us know what type of candy buffet you plan to create!

Credit: Shari’s Berries

DIY How to Set Up a Candy Buffet

How to Set up a Candy Buffet


Create a festive backdrop to your buffet with paper fans, streamers or balloons.


Use different candies in the same color family to create a cohesive look

Table Trimmings

Make your buffet table even more fun with confetti and decorative banners.

Tips for Setting up Dessert Table

Add a Cake

Candy buffets can have other sweets too! A small cake creates a focal point.

Scoop up the Sweets

Don’t forget scoops for serving hard candy and tongs for anything soft

Keep it Clean

Display rock candy and lollipops stick-up to avoid touching the candy

Sizes and Textures

Use sweets in different sizes and textures to create visual interest.

How to Set Up a Candy Buffet Table

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