Popular Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Popular and Easy Baby Shower Backdrop Ideas

Adding a backdrop to your event decor can make a huge statement for your celebration. Background can be used to frame a particular area or can be used to strategically hide a wall that doesn’t quite fit with your baby shower decor. It can be difficult to find the perfect background for your space and theme. Below are some popular baby shower backdrop choices for your next baby shower.

The Curtain Backdrop

Sheer Curtain Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Its A Cake Thing

Curtains can be used for more than just covering windows. This backdrop idea is simple and easy to create. If you want to add some twinkling lights or any other decorative feature in the background, opt for a sheer curtain and this will ensure your decorative feature will still stand out.

If your party is going to be in a well-lit area, you might opt for a thicker curtain in colors that match the baby shower theme. You might choose curtains in classic baby shower colors such as pink, blue, or yellow. If you’re going with a themed shower, consider using a solid colored curtain that fits with the theme. A classic sheet white curtain is sure to fit with any theme. If you want to add a pop of color, you can place balloons around the edge or floral arrangements.

The Curtain Backdrop for baby shower
Curtain Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Distinctive Decor Rentals

A curtain backdrop is a popular choice because curtains are so easy to find. You can find the perfect curtain for your party just about anywhere at a relatively inexpensive price. A curtain backdrop also works well for covering up less than desirable areas on your well.

The Greenery Backdrop

The greenery background is perfect for bringing a lavish feel to the party room or to green up for a Jungle or Safari baby shower theme. You can purchase a greenery poster backdrop but for more realistic-looking greenery, you can try boxwood panels or tiles from Amazon and zip tie them together. They are quite easy to assemble and they look much better up close compared to a poster or a grass rug. 

Balloon Arch via Amazon by ZiZa

Metal Geometric Backdrop

Oh Baby Baby Shower metal backdrop idea
Oh Baby Metal Backdrop by IndySignSisters via Etsy

Metal backdrops have been a popular trend at weddings for years, but recently these backdrops are making their way into baby showers. Metal backdrops come in a variety of shapes. The most popular shapes are circles and hexagons.

Cover the metal with balloons, flowers, or other decor related to the theme. You can also string tealights or decor from the center of the backdrop. You might even consider using a combination of a curtain and a metal backdrop.

Metal Arch Baby Shower Backdrop
Arch Metal Hoop Backdrop by PartybackdropC via Etsy
balloon arch metal backdrop
Balloon Arch Metal Hoop by PamPartyCreations via Etsy

Metal backdrops work great for framing a cake or dessert area. If you place your cake in the center of the metal backdrop, consider using matching colors to top your cake. Metal backdrops are fairly inexpensive and can be found on many different online retailers. The backdrops come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect size to fit your space.

Banner Backdrop

If your baby shower has a specific theme, you might consider purchasing a pre-made banner backdrop. Backdrops come in a variety of colors, themes, and styles. Most banners can even be customized to includes the name of the baby being celebrated.

You might consider framing this background with a simple balloon arch or sheer solid colored curtains.

Banner Backdrop for baby shower
Banner Backdrop – Featured on the Blog by Lacedbyliyah

Printed backdrops look wonderful behind dessert areas or gift tables. These backdrops come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find the perfect size for your wall. This backdrop will easily over a wall or space that you don’t want to be seen.

Streamer Backdrop

Pink and Blue Streamer Backdrop baby Shower Fringe Backdrop
Pink and Blue Streamer by MelodyfantasyParty via Etsy

Streamers are an easy way to transform any blank wall into a gorgeous backdrop. Choose streamers in the colors of your theme and hang them vertically on your backdrop area. You can hang your streamers straight down or twist them to add a special pop. Consider framing the streamers with balloons or paper flowers for an extra special touch.

How to Easily Make a Backdrop Video

Streamers are very inexpensive and can be found at almost any store. The color possibilities for a streamer background are endless. You can use one color, multiple colors, or multiple shades of a color. Some streamers are even made to fit with specific themes.

Pink Rose Gold Streamer Baby shower Backdrop
Rose Gold Streamer by LuckandLuck via Etsy

Floral Backdrop

flower backdrop baby shower idea
Flower Backdrop – featured on the blog by Aura Decorations

If you’re expecting a baby girl and love flowers, you might opt for a floral background. While this background is slightly more expensive than the other backgrounds, it does have a stunning effect. Most florists will work with you to choose the perfect flowers and colors for your backdrop. If you’re short on time, you might consider purchasing a backdrop with artificial flowers or even paper flowers. Artificial backgrounds are easy to hang and also won’t trigger anyone’s allergies.

Flower Backdrop – Featured on the blog by Event Du Jour
artificial paper flower backdrop for baby shower
Paper Flower Backdrop – event featured on the blog by A Sweet Touch

Floral backgrounds can be used to cover up an existing wall near a dessert area. These backgrounds also make excellent photo opportunities. You can find artificial floral backgrounds at many different online retailers. If you prefer real flowers, consider connecting with a local florist to help you with the project.

Twinkle Light Backdrop

If your baby shower is going to be in the evening, you might consider a twinkle light background. A background filled with lights makes a gorgeous background for a dessert area. If you’re not lucky enough to have a beautiful wall to hang your lights, consider hanging a sheer curtain in front of the lights to add a touch of ambiance.

If the lights are string, you can attach pipe cleaners in-between your panels and attach the string to the pipe cleaners. You can also attach S-Hooks to the backside of your panels and place the lights on them. 

If you want to include other decors such as florals or greenery, you can use zip ties, fishing lines, safety pins, or pipe cleaners to attach them. It will surely create an amazing-looking backdrop.

Fairy Twinkle Lights baby shower backdrop
Fairy Twinkle Lights via Etsy by SupplyFlora

Twinkle lights are easy to find at most retailers or online stores such as Amazon or Etsy. They can come in a variety of lengths, so you can find the perfect lights to fit your space. Just make sure that if your party is outdoors that your lights are safe for use indoors and outdoors. If it is difficult to hang your lights on your existing wall, you can purchase a backdrop stand.


In conclusion, a backdrop can make your dessert area gorgeous or transform a plain wall into a fabulous photo opportunity. Whatever background you choose, make sure it fits with the rest of your party decor. A backdrop will make for photo opportunities that you will cherish for a lifetime, and most importantly, your backdrop will have your guests in awe!

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