Enchanted Fairy Pastel Rainbow Party

Rainbow party and the fairy party in one! Nat from Events By Nat wanted to incorporate elements that other fairy parties didn’t have, so she decided to hold an enchanted pastel rainbow fairy party for her daughter’s birthday. The colors captured the sweet version of rainbows and worked perfectly with the enchanted fairy theme. Thanks again for letting me share these pretty photos.
My favorite features:
  • Butter-cream swirl pastel cupcakes
  • Pixie dust cake-pops
  • Flower cookie tree
  • Cookie wands
  • Topiary tree cake pops
  • Mushroom marshmallows
  • Fairy floss tarts
  • Rainbow cakes
  • Pastel macarons
  • Pastel rainbow layered jelly
  • Pastel rainbow layered pannacotta
  • A pot of gold chocolates


#fairy party #Rainbow cakes




A pot of gold chocolates



Pastel rainbow layered jelly



Enchanted Pastel Rainbow Fairy Party


#pastel rainbow #Pixie dust cake-pops



pastel rainbow cupcakes


Enchanted Pastel Rainbow Fairy Party



rainbow party

Photo Credit to Nat of Events By Nat

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