Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower Ideas – Rock Star Theme

how to plan a rock a bye baby shower party

A Rock-A-Bye baby shower is an absolute blast, and it’s a party your guests will be talking about for years. “Rock-A-Bye Baby” is a sweet lullaby that you can take a play on words and turn into a jamming good time full of flashy guitar images and lots of fun tunes.

Rock Star Baby Shower Invitations

Get your guitar incorporated invitations out in the mail because you’re about to celebrate a new baby rocking its way into the world! If you are designing your own Rockstar invitation, you can start off by saying that “A Little Rockstar is on the Way!”

Editable Rock a Bye Baby Shower invitation
Rock n roll retro couple baby shower invitation
Girl Rock a Bye Baby Rock Star Pink Baby Shower Invitations

Rock Star Baby Shower Decorations

A snazzy color palate is a great idea, so stick with bright reds, baby blues, and glossy blacks for a boy, and hot pink and black for a baby girl.

Inflatable Rock Star Electric Guitars Assorted Colors

You can hang up inflatable electric guitars, homemade ribbon garland, and huge puff balls from the ceiling in all different sizes.

String up individual baby onesies with cool guitar pics as images on the front and have jars filled with bright yellow and red poppies for centerpieces. You can even have Vinyl record centerpieces for this rock-a-bye baby baby shower!

Little Rockstar Diaper Cake

Another great table centerpiece idea would be to have a Rock Star themed diaper cake! Try making one yourself with our how-to make a diaper cake tutorial. Otherwise, you can find amazing ones from Etsy!

born to rock baby shower printables

Matching tableware with music notes and saxophone cartoons are a happy addition, while big balloons in black and red are great compliments to the rest of the decorations. You can even get really creative with your servingware by making serving trays or towers out of old records.

Rock-A-Bye Baby Shower Food

A red velvet cake complete with bright blue frosting and shimmery crystal sprinkles is a perfect cake for a Rock-A-Bye baby shower, along with jars of rock candy and cakepops covered in dark chocolate and white ganache music notes.

Cream-filled cookies, cinnamon pinwheels, and a chocolate shake station are also scrumptious add-ons that guests will savor.

Of course, salty fares are equally important, so opt for easy finger foods such as chips and dips, crackers with cheese and meats, vegetable assortments, and English muffins with an array of spreads.

Free Rock Star Cupcake Toppers

These free Rock Star toppers will add a fun touch to your cupcakes!

boy rock star cupcake toppers
girl rock star cupcake toppers

Rock Star Theme Games and Favors

Bag up cool sunglasses with personalized thank you labels or delectable gourmet treats for your guests to take home as memorable favors, and don’t forget to have them involved with activities.

Ask your guests to write down their choice of rock n roll song for the baby to be and have the mommy guess who wrote which song. This ensures lots of laughter and good memories as your guests soak in all the joy of the event.

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