Sweet Wooden Horse Baby Shower

What a gorgeous and unique idea this Wooden Horse Themed Baby Shower was. Malu from Malu Mattos Workshop Events went all out on this adorable celebration of new life. Every detail was elegant and sophisticated, ensuring that mom-to-be was as spoiled as can be.

The venue used for the party was bright, lots of natural lighting that helped add a softness to everything that was sure to be appreciated.


For the treat table, a large wooden backdrop was used that gave a dark and attractive look for everyone to enjoy. Baby to be’s name was printed and hung front and center on a lovely ovular posterboard, in soft teal colors that looked absolutely elegant. To each side of the banner, the cutest little horses on sticks stood at attention, bringing an adorable touch to the table.

Covered in a taupe cloth with a small white runner in the center, the table was arrayed in a fabulous arrangement of treats and decor.  Even the front of the table was adorned with rustic charm, a spread of lovely plants flowers and even more adorable horses invited everyone to take a look at the delicious options on the table.

There was a beautiful set-up of various plant-life on the table, filling it with varying shades of greens and texturing that was impressive. Each plant had a unique and pretty vase, giving a bit of sophistication that was sure to be noticed. Some adorable and tasty treats included in the spread were baby bottles with candies tied in adorable blue pacifier ribbons, sugar cookies with detailed frosting covered in plastic for a finished look, and various candies in gorgeous boxes.

The cake had the sweetest style, three layers of perfection standing on a lovely white tray. Each layer was circled with an elegant ribbon and a cute little pony was placed on the front to envelope the theme fantastically.

Credits –

Photography: Luciana Cardoso

Candy in cup: Divine Sapore

Cookies: These Fernandes

Event Planning and sweets: Malu Mattos Workshop Events

Gifts: Fragments Boutique Paper

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