Baby Shower for a Girl & a Boy

This Pink and Blue Baby Shower for a girl and a boy was created by Rafaela Mederios of Big Blue Sky Blog for two Mom-to-bes. With all kinds of cute little details and fantastic treats, it was certain to be a theme full of wonderful memories for mom-to-be.

A gorgeous sentiment was hung on the wall that matched the pink and blue tones of the party area perfectly saying, “Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17.” Another cute decoration that was hung was a tissue cloud with little pink and blue rain drops dangling from it in fantastic fashion.

Baby Shower for a Girl & Boy

A lot of natural elements were included in the decorating of this event, bringing in a touch of life that was fun and refreshing.  Flowers were spread about in small and large bouquets, standing out brightly.

A fun photo station was set up for everyone to take a pic with little props to remember the party by, adding a way for everyone to have a unique moment frozen in time.

Gift bags were put together with fun personalized tags saying, “They are ready to pop!” In both pink and blue, each one was a bag of surprise for the guests to enjoy.

Even teddy bears were incorporated beautifully into the theme with them set smoothly in with the goodies, bringing cuddly love to the atmosphere.

The food spread looked delish with a healthier take on sweet treats, like fruit cakes that brought in vibrant colors and sweet tastes that were sure to be enjoyed.  Cupcakes were laid out on tiered trees for a fun treat in a variety of wrappers that went well with the other foods. There were even colorful jars and bowls with candies, ensuring that everyone would find something to their liking.

The whole party had a sweetness to it that was well-incorporated, creating a warm event that mom-to-be deserved in celebration of her little one.

Credits –

Rafaela Medeiros of Big Blue Sky Blog

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