Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower


How breathtaking this Elegant Marie Antoinette Baby Shower turned out! With the expert skills of Adal Kreation, this event was styled to perfection. The large venue was arranged to emulate the sophistication of Marie Antoinette in her prime. With feathers and flowers incorporated throughout the room, the decor was stunning.  

A special table was set up for the special parents to be, giving them all the attention they deserved.  This table had a fantastic golden frame that gave a royal look to the room. With tall, light blue candlesticks and a lovely bouquet of flowers adorned with a feather, this table was magnificent. The place settings featured gorgeous masks for them to wear too.

A dessert table stood against a light blue wall that made a sweet backdrop.  With tall vases full of flowers, this table stood out beautifully. It matched the VIP table with a golden frame.  The desserts placed on the table were delectable, each perfectly decorated to go with this elegant theme. Sugar cookies in all sorts of adorable baby shower shapes were frosted in pastels and placed on golden trays at the front of the table. Cupcakes had gold holders and the cake was tremendous. It was placed on a tall stand at the back of the table and was frosted in a delicate pink with ornate detailing that blended beautifully with the rest of the treats.

To the side of this table a lovely large chair with a golden frame was placed to give the VIP the royal treatment.

elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cakepops elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-card-box elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-cupcakes elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-favors elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-flowers elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-guest-seating elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-mini-cake elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-place-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-silverware elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-snack-table elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sugar-cookies elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-sweets elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-table-setting elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-treats elegant-marie-antoinette-baby-shower-vip-chairs


Design and styling: Adal Kreation

Cake, Cupcakes and Cake pops: La Cuchara Dulcetta Cookies

Oreos covered: Mayra’s Cakepops

Wood laser cut: The Wood Shape Store

Mirror Table, Throne chair and Marie Antoinette chairs: @Glampartyrental

Flowers: @Huntpointflowersmarket

Photography: Miguel Pichardo Photography / Cinematography Collaboration Sweet Ambitions Events Faireny Ramos


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