Pastel You Are My Sunshine Shower


Adal Kreation left no detail out with this fantastic Pastel You Are My Sunshine Shower.  Using pastel colors, the venue was lighthearted and lovely. 

Adorable printables were used to enhance the theme while entertaining the guests, like the Wishes for Baby cards that allowed everyone to give their personal feedback for this special little one. 

A dessert table was simplistically designed with elegance in mind. With a light, wooden construction, no cover was needed to accent the theme. A back drop of pink and white stripes was a beautiful introduction to this theme with “Soliel,” spelled out in curved letters in the center. Daisies combined with other cute little flowers were displayed on each end of the table in varying heights.  Light toned trays blended with the theme brilliantly while allowing the decadent treats to draw the eye easily. At the center of this table a layered naked cake made a fanatastic addition to the desserts, beautifully adorned with blooms down the sides and topped with the cutests little sun. 

Other tasty treats included little cakepops shaped like suns and clouds with sweet little smiles and pink bows. Cupcakes topped with little cookies with cloud art looked absolutely scrumptious. There were even sugar cookies that looked like little suns and clouds too!

A special section for a special mom-to-be was created with a massive white chair that offered an elegant look and a luxurious place to relax.  This area featured a fantastic white, plush carpet and adorable details like a wooden sign that said, “You Are My Sunshine.” A small side table held a delightful bouquet of light flowers too. 

Guest tables showcased cute centerpieces with yellow and white flowers along with framed art advertising table numbers in fun fashion. The place settings had adorable little suns with “S,” in the center.  With a white cover and white chairs, the seating was very light and breezy.

pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-art pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-baby-shoes pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cake pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cake-details pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cakepop pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cakes pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-centerpieces pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-chocolate-cupcakes pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cloud-cakepop pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cloud-cookies pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cloud-cupcake pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cookies pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cupcake-cookie pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-cupcakes pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-feather-art pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-floral-arrangements pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-flower-arrangement pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-flower-bouquet pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-flowers pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-flower-vase pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-framed-art pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-guest-seating pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-guest-tables pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-letter pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-list pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-naked-cake pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-owl pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-pink-cupcake pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-sugar-cookies pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-sun pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-sun-cookies pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-treats pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-treat-table pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-white-frame pastel-you-are-my-sunshine-shower-word-art


Planning/design - Adal Kreation


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