Little Lamb Baby Shower Ideas

The sweetness of a baby shower should be celebrated with a theme just as sweet, and a Little Lamb baby shower motif is just the thing! From the classic nursery rhyme to adorable baby sheep, you’ll find décor, food, and fun absolutely brimming with options to choose from. So get those adorable little lamb invitations sent out to get your guests excited about this cute baby shower event!

When setting up a little lamb baby shower, decorations are so much fun to put together. The color palette is a simple one to follow, too, so remember to stick with ivory and an offset of pastel blues, yellows, or pinks and purples. You can never overuse baby’s breath flowers, lace overlays, and puffy party globes that descend from the ceilings. Break out nostalgic trinkets from the past such as nursery rhyme figurines, snow globes, books, music, and movies. Put up little lambs and their adorable baby herders up on the walls and have a little crafting fun with cotton balls to create massive, puffy cloud decorations. Sheep tablecloths and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” verses on miniature chalk boards and signage are also a nice décor touch for the theme. You can even have the guests engage in an activity in which they craft flower crowns, further adding to the sweet atmosphere of the party’s motif.

For great party food fare, think brunch style eats and lots of sweet treats. Is the mom-to-be having a baby boy? Frost up some yummy cupcakes and lamb shaped cookies with pale blue frosting. Is the new bundle of joy a little girl? Fill an apothecary jar with pastel pink candies or pale yellow cake pops. “Sugar spun wool” packaged up with a cute sheep (a.k.a. actual cotton candy) is also a guest favorite! Frosted animal crackers, simple cream puffs, and fruity sheepherder staffs (a.k.a. candy canes!) are also fun themed treats that are easy and delicious to eat.

Of course, you can’t have a Little Lamb baby shower without great games and cute party favors, too. Sheep shaped piñatas filled with yummy candy is an interactive activity that also goes great with classic board games such as Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. Baby Bingo played with baby cartoon lamb stickers and Guess That Nursery Rhyme are also fun ideas. Guest favors can range from bottles filled with candies to little prams filled with gourmet Mary and her Little Lamb themed treats. Porcelain figurines, storybooks, and tiny nightlights are all fantastic gifts that guests can enjoy well after the baby shower is over.

Don’t forget to have a themed book for guests to sign their well wishes for the new mom and her baby! This is a keepsake that both the mother and her child will cherish for years to come.

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