Mustache Or Eyelash Baby Shower Gender Reveal


Giving the classic gender reveal a fun twist, this Mustache Or Eyelash Baby Shower Gender Reveal was an original that a very special mom-to-be was sure to love.  With the superior stylings of EVENTee Party, this adorable theme was visual stunner.

Using soft pink and blue colors, the reveal shower was beautifully split into categories, making it easy for guests to choose which they thought mom-to-be would be having. 

A sweet station was set up in divided fashion with one side showcasing team pink and one showing team blue.  A fantastic printable sign in the center said, “Staches or Lases,” with adorable art including bowties, eyelashes and mustaches. One side of the back drop had a massive pink paper flower with a pink and white banner and the other side had a blue set that coordinated stylishly. Empty frames on each end added a neat touch too. 

The front of the table was adorably decorated with a layered cover that added texture to the design. A miniature baby carriage and bird cage, one on each side added to the charm as well.  A wide range of treats ensured that the visitors would be able to find a tasty snack while they visited.  Each side of the table had cake pops, one side frosted in blue, the other in pink. They were detailed with lashes and mustaches of course.  A dessert tree at the center of the table was decorated with blue and pink rosettes, giving the table an elegant and delicious look. Cute little babies, each with their own pile of wooden alphabet blocks made perfect decorations for the front of this adorable dessert table. 

On a table to the side of the desserts a massive diaper cake introduced the party theme fantastically with eyelashes and mustaches expertly placed around it.  It was even set on a small box to make it appear even taller. 

mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-blocks mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-cakepops mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-candies
mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-diaper-cake mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-diaper-tower mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-flowers mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-framed-art
mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-little-shoe mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-pink-flowers mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-sweet-station mustache-or-eyelash-baby-shower-gender-reveal-treats


Planning/design - EVENTee Party



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