Pickles and Ice Cream Twins Baby Shower

Karma Flowers was excited to create this fantastic Vintage Pickles & Ice Cream themed baby shower. With mom-to-be expecting twins, two ideas blended into one fun idea seemed like the perfect way to go. For a quaint venue area, the party was set up at the Harvest Moon Inn.


Because they specialize in flowers, one of the biggest parts of this fantastic gathering were the gorgeous arrangements that were laid out in perfection. A lovely spread of blush peonies, ivory roses, carnations and mums added color and beauty to the entire venue.  In addition for a unique option, raw floral cotton was used on the guest tables as a centerpiece to remember. Set in vintage loom needles and vases, the cotton was a white wonder.

Another neat decoration that was placed throughout the party room were vintage ice cream churners and pickle jars, as the focal point of the theme, they fit in fantastically and really added a bit of fun. The lovely lace curtains were closed up and the fireplace was lit to give a romantic and nostalgic glow around the room.

Each place setting at the tables was set with a menu so that everyone could decide what they would like right away.

There were also some other fun little decorations placed around that added to the theme beautifully including an adorable banner that said Pickles & Ice Cream in green and pink. Another cute addition was a little chalkboard creation that had a butterfly that really stood out.

For the favors, each guest got cute little recipe cards that were place in vintage ice cream and pickle favor bags. Set in an old tin bucket, they even doubled as a cute decoration until the party was over. This fun theme had all kinds of little touches that brought the entire event to life.

Credits –

Floral and Event Decor: Karma Flowers

Photography: Ash Mari Photography

Raw Cotton: Floral Cotton

Banner: Moving Beauty

Venue: The Harvest Moon Inn

pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-decorationsbanner pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-centerpiece pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-cotton-centerpiece pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-floral-cotton-centerpieces-sugar-block pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-icecream-sandwiches pickles-ice-cream-twins-baby-shower-sign-in-chalkboard the adventure of pickles and ice cream twins-baby-shower-ideas



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