DIY Tiffany Favor Boxes

DIY Tiffany Favor Boxes by Magical Printable.

free tiffany blue baby shower boxes

Unfortunately, the listings are no longer available on ETSY (By the way, link to the original listing is just below the image incase it becomes available again), so i’ve come up with something you could DIY these lovely Tiffany favor boxes. After searching, here is what I’ve found and came up with.

These printable favor boxes are best printed on thicker paper or cardstock paper at home or printing shop. Colors may vary depending on the printer, so please try printing 1 page only to ensure color comes out the way you want it.

The files are provided in JPEG as well, so if you are not a photoshop or illustrator user, you can edit the files or add text using a simple program called ‘paint’. This program is usually installed in your PC already.

There are some products as well that might come handy, especially the thank you tag puncher. These are from Amazon.

IMPORTANT – The printables below are free for my blog readers, so please ensure to use the coupon code “babytiffanybox” to get these Tiffany Favor Boxes for FREE!

Baby & Co. rectangle_box_larger_BABY_CO Baby & Co.Baby & Co.