Parisian Baby Shower Ideas

For an elegant and sophisticated theme, a French or Parisian Baby Shower offers a soft glamour designed to make not only mom-to-be, but all of the guests feel special as well. Different shades of pinks combined with black will be the perfect combination of colors to create a fantastic celebration! Of course, this celebration will likely include variations of the Eiffel Tower, which serves as the perfect symbolism of just how delicate a new life can be.

Parisian Baby Shower Invites

To provide an invitation to remember, incorporating all of the theme colors into a bold style with lots of textures and patterns introduces the theme nicely. You can use a variety of silhouette artwork on them as well, mom and baby look lovely, or you can go with an Eiffel tower to emphasize the theme.


Parisian Baby Shower Decorations

With a French sophisticated vibe in mind, creating a venue to remember can be fun.  Florals, florals, florals will bring your room a full and elegant look that is natural and beautiful. Use soft colors and a variety of vase heights to fill the tables, making the area cozy and fresh. Giant DIY poms of tissue paper can be hung from the ceiling and balloons can be bundled to create a large archway in the entrance, both of these are wallet-friendly ways to make a huge statement.

parisian Black Tutu Table Skirt

For the tables, to create a classy style, using the soft pink or blue tablecloths and black dishware can give a bold and sleek look that guests will certainly be impressed with. Using white lacy covers on chairs can give an accent that is simple to do. A little touch that can make your tables unique and full looking would be to add some confetti (Eiffel tower shapes), or flower petals, or even just a spread of glitter to bring a shine.

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece

Of course, a Paris themed baby shower needs and Eiffel Tower to be complete! This Eiffel Tower centerpiece will have your guests feeling glamorous! Standing ten inches tall, this centerpiece would make a great table decoration or cake topper. Its uses are endless! The topper is made of sturdy metal, so it can be reused for a different occasion or as a decoration in your home or in the baby’s room.

by AllThingsAngelas

Paris Cafe Backdrop

If you are serving delicious patisseries, you can add this beautiful Paris cafe backdrop to your dessert table. This handmade backdrop by Maydetails can be personalized with mom-to-be’s name and it would look fantastic!

Paris Cafe backdrop poster printable
Etsy : maydetails
Paris Cafe backdrop poster digital file
Etsy : maydetails

Parisian Mother to be Banner

Make your plain walls stand out with this elegant “Mother to be” banner. The banner can be changed to “Mommy to be” depending on your preference and is made from high quality materials. Your guests will love the intricately cut designs! It can also be saved a wonderful reminder of a special day.

by KDODesigns

Paris Themed Confetti

Bring in all of the colors from your shower with this lovely Paris themed table confetti. This confetti is sure to add some color and sparkle to your plain tables! The confetti is made from heavy duty card stock and can be made to fit the exact colors of your baby shower.

paris baby shower confetti
by ThreeCricketCo

You can even choose from different shapes, such as hearts or stars. The solid colored confetti will be colored on both sides, however, the glitter confetti will be white on one side. This confetti is sure to put your guests in a celebratory mood!

Parisian Baby shower Food Ideas

Pastries make a fitting finger-food at a Parisian shower, along with a variety of cheeses and crackers. It is always good to have fresh fruit and veggie trays as well to add bright colors and multiple options for guests to choose from. There is a multitude of sweet choices that you can make that are pretty easy to create like cake-pop browns that you can cover in the frosting that matches your theme colors.  

parisian baby shower drinks and sweets

Cupcakes are always wonderful and you can place them on vintage trays to add to the detailing. If the mom to be loves fashion and shopping, you can also incorporate some famous French brand decors. For drinks, Pink lemonade becomes instantly chic when poured into plastic champagne flutes tied with a lovely curling ribbon.


Parisian Activity & Favor Ideas

For Parisian baby shower activities, you can drape pink toile and feather boas about and then turn the accouterments into an activity where ladies dress up and pose for pictures as they walk down a faux Paris runway.

Other activities and games can include fun little things like the baby food test to see who knows their foods the best.  Measuring mom to see who can guess the closest diameter is always a fun one to do that gets everyone involved.  This theme is also a good one to create gorgeous onesies for baby-to-be at a pre-set crafting area so everyone can glitz and glam to their heart’s content.

A way to make this party really stand out would be to create your own Eiffel tower art and make little tags with hooks that can be dangled off of it, then as each guest stops in they can write down their words of wisdom and hang them on the tower for mom-to-be to enjoy.

Parisian Baby Shower Photobooth


Parisian Baby Shower Games




parisian chic baby shower games

Free Parisian Baby Shower Printable

Baby Shower Activity PDF Format – Advice for Mommy to Be 8.5 x 11″

Parisian Baby Shower Theme Banner – BABE PDF format

Free Parisian Baby Shower Printable
Free Parisian Baby Shower Activity
Free Parisian Baby Shower Printable
Free Parisian Baby Shower Printable Banner

Parisian Baby Shower Printable

French Parisian Baby Shower printables

Parisian Baby Shower Favors

Paris Backpack Zipper Pulls

You can’t send your guests home from a baby shower empty handed! These Paris themed backpack zipper pulls are the perfect party favor that your guests will be able to use forever. The uniqueness of this party favor will make it the perfect gift to remember a very special day. Each zipper pull includes a ball chain and Eiffel Tower charm and an acrylic gem drop. These party favors are sold in sets of eight and are made with only the highest quality of charms.

paris backpack zipper pulls
by MichelleAndCompany
parisian baby shower favors
parisian baby shower favors
parisian baby shower favors manicure set
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