Shimmering Pink And Gold Baby Shower


Simply Paush Events put together this awe inspiring Shimmering Pink And Gold  Baby Shower. With their expertise, this party was an elegant and detailed party that any vip could adore.

Pink and gold were the chosen tones for this cute baby shower and they went together perfectly to create a royal vibe. The dessert table was decorated to perfection with a stunning backdrop that drew the eye.  Large paper flowers with golden centers were used to surround a lovely golden framed letter R. Pink curtains were also used, giving a sweet effect.

The table was covered in a fantastic, soft pink shimmering cover that gave a fun, glitzy look.  The sweet baby to be’s name was spelled out in large wooden letters across the front of the table.  Each letter had an adorable golden pattern on it.

Treats were wonderfully arranged on this table in candy jars, making it simple for everyone to see what was available.  From caramel popcorn to pink marshmallows, the snacks matched the theme tones smoothly.  There were even tasty looking rice krispy treats on sticks to enjoy and chocolate covered pretzel sticks too.  All of them had super cute matching labels in pink and gold.

At the center of this dessert buffet a gorgeous diaper cake stood tall wrapped around the bottom with tulle so it looked like a little ballerina.  This was set on top of a golden cake platter, making it the true centerpiece for this delightful table.

Guest seating was set up family style in a long row, allowing everyone to visit in a cozy environment.  The table was covered in a light pink cover and had a bold, glittering gold runner that made a perfect accent.  The place settings were golden too, giving a glamorous touch.

Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Carriage Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Diaper-Cake Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Flower-Backdrop Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Flowers Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Framed-Art Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Place-Settings Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Popcorn Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Pretzels Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Rice-Krispy Shimmering-Pink-And-Gold-Baby-Shower-Wooden-Letters

Credits –

Simply Paush Events


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