Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower


This sweet Pretty Pink Ballerina Baby Shower was fashionably created by Bee Unike Events. To emphasize the ballet vibe of this theme, lots of sheer and pink fabric was used to put together a lovely, elegant dessert station. With a canopy design, the dessert area was staged beautifully, while providing plenty of space for the guests to get to the table for snacks as needed.

Luxurious white and pink carpets made a wonderful platform for the dessert table too, inviting everyone to relax and enjoy the sweet celebration of life. The table was covered in shimmering pink, layered to give a curtained appearance at the front too. An adorable backdrop with a framed silver silhouette in a tutu offered a fantastic introduction to this party.

The treats were absolutely adorable, all decorated perfectly in varying shades of pink and white.  Cake pops were frosted to look like the ribbons on ballet slippers and had silver sticks for easy grabbing. They were set on a lovely silver tray with hanging jewels to add to the elegance of this ballerina theme.  Cupcakes had adorable pink slipper toppers and were set on cupcake tree stands with dangling jewels as well. They were set at the back of the table, adding dimension.  Sugar cookies in assorted shapes made a delightful addition to the table too, some were even done as ballet slippers to blend with the theme perfectly.  A sleek three layer cake made a tasty looking centerpiece to the table too, frosted beautifully in pink and white with silver accents and cute baby slippers on the top.

Guest seating was absolutely lavish with tables covered in pink or silver  and chairs wrapped in white with pink ribbons. Tutu’d mannequins stood out in adorable fashion as centerpieces for the tables and the place settins in silver added a sophisticated touch.

pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cake pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cookies-shoe pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-cupcake-tower pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-dessert-table pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-flower-bouquet pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-framed-art pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-gold-vase pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-guest-tables pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-sugar-cookies pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-textured-tablecloth pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-treat-table-top pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-tutu pretty-pink-ballerina-baby-shower-white-chair


Bee Unike Events


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