Baby Boy Angel Shower


Bee-unike Events brought a touch of heaven to earth with this lovely Baby Boy Angel Shower. From the array of golden and white decor and the textured fabrics throughout the venue, this party was an ethereal delight.

The party room used was massive, providing plenty of seating for all sorts of guests to celebrate the coming baby and his special mom.  Throughout the room tall windows were accented with long and beautiful drapery.  Each of the guest tables was decorated to match, giving a smooth look.  Fantastic textured white covers hung to the floor, making a sweet base for the guest tables. The chairs were white and decorated with lovely golden and white bands, giving an elegant look.  Silverware was wrapped in white with gold bands to match.  The centerpieces were gorgeous, tall vases full of sweet blooms.

The dessert buffet was perfectly arranged with decorative tables on each side that held harps and angel busts, introducing the theme with precision. The table was covered in a voluptuous white, textured cover that reflected the daylight coming in the windows fantastically. A backdrop of blue, gold and white fabric made a perfect eye catcher for this table. Two massive vases overflowing with flowers stood at the back of the table.  All of the treats were frosted in white and gold, blending with the angelic theme beautifully.  The front of the table displayed adorable babies in angel wings.

On the sides of the cake tiered candle holders held white candles to add a touch of soft lighting to the table. The cake was heavenly, from the top decorated with lovely angel wings to the bottom golden stand that it stood on. Three layers were frosted in white and laced around the bottom with gold. There were even a pair of baby shoes on the front that added a cute touch.

Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Candle-Tower Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Dessert-Buffet Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Guest-Seating Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Guest-Table Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Harp Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Letter-Decor Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Table-Decor Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Treats Baby-Boy-Angel-Shower-Vip-Seating

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Bee-unike Events


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