Floral Backyard Baby Shower


Sandra Brzezinski Photography captured each lovely moment of this fantastic Floral Backyard Baby Shower.  Taking advantage of a beautiful day, the party was held outdoors in a large backyard space, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A large canopy was set up to offer shade over the guest seating, giving an elegant effect. There were even strings of lights strung all around the canopy to offer a bit of extra lighting.

Floral Backyard Baby Shower

Three rows of guest tables were set up underneath the canopy, each had a charming wooden look that made a perfect stage for the place settings.  Every plate had a personalized sugar cookie with a guest name on it, giving a unique and fun way to label each place.  Underneath the sugar cookie names, a menu was placed with an adorable printed graphic frame.  The silverware had a golden tone that added a touch of elegance to the venue. White chairs made a great contrasting seating option at the tables. Some had adorable white furs draped over them too.  The centerpieces of the tables were gorgeous, colorful, floral arrangements that were set low to allow for easy visiting across the table.  Each had a unique vase that they were set in creating a neat effect throughout the venue. There were even gray colored, slim, candles that stood tall in wonderful star like candle holders.

Cupcakes frosted in white advertised this sweet shower with little golden labels saying, “baby dick.” Tasty donuts frosted in pink and white made a delightful snack as well.  Gourmet food was offered for a meal, in vibrant colors that were sure to be enjoyed. The beverages included delicious looking wine that was served in simple wine glasses and juice served in fantastic rose colored glasses. A vibrant attention to detail made this gathering a beautiful success.

Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Candles Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Centerpiece Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Cupcakes Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Dinner-Menu Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Donuts Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Drink-Station Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Food Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Outdoor-Seating Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Place-Setting Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Sugar-Cookies Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Tacos Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Toasted-Sandwich Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Wine Floral-Backyard-Baby-Shower-Wraps

Credits –

Photography – Sandra Brzezinski Photography

Little Miss Party Planner

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