Baby Shower Venue Ideas

When coming up with baby shower ideas, it is always a priority to think about where to have the shower. Picking a place for the shower is an important aspect. It can define the choices you make regarding decorations as well as food. Different venues will accommodate different things. This is why picking your venue first is very smart. This allows you to plan out the rest of the shower while knowing the size of the space and what it will accommodate.


A lot of people throw the shower at the guest of honor’s home. They work with what they can to fit in it and decide where the gift table should be and all of the food choices are typically based on that decision. While it is a place where she feels most comfortable, and you have easy access to, it can be too small of a space for what you have planned. Also, the hostess often uses her own place to throw the shower. She knows the space well and what can, or can’t, be moved, what will fit. Also, it is easy to get your friends to your place if it is a surprise shower.

Some people go to a restaurant that does parties and sets everything up there for you. This is also a great venue for a surprise shower, if the soon to be father or a friend can get her there. They can also deal with all of the food. Some places for occasions like this give you special menus with only a few choices because every order off that menu will cost extra than the flat rate for the meal. Some places, depending on where you go and what you are willing to spend, will cook whatever you want for the shower and serve it whenever you ask. There will be plenty of room for everyone and there will be space for the gifts as well. Renting a room in a restaurant is a great way to go.

Others rent a hall for the shower. This tends to be more expensive but you have the option of having a lot of room if you expect a lot of people. Often, these halls offer catering and you can choose all of the foods to be served. It is usually buffet style with those metal containers. It is a great meal and people have room to move around and the gift table can be anywhere you want. At a hall you also have room for games in one area and another area for those who opt out to have conversations. It is a really good option if you can afford it.

Think about how many people, how much space you will need, consider the food table, the gift table and the people. Also consider your budget. If you don’t have enough money to rent a hall and have catered food than you don’t and that’s okay. If you don’t have enough space at your house or her place and you cannot afford to rent a hall or catered food, then you can have an outdoor shower at a park, undercover BBQ park, or ask a friend who you know has a big room or garden. There are plenty of options; you just need to consider what is right for you and what is right for her. If you make sure to take everything into account you will do fine!