How to Make Christmas Wreath Paper Craft

DIY Christmas Wreath Paper Craft with Kids

Who doesn’t love decorating their home for Christmas? I love putting up the tree, hanging the lights, wrapping the garland around, well – everything! It’s so much fun to get into the festive spirit and prepare the house for the holiday season.

Some decorations have been in the family for years and will make an appearance every Christmas forever. Others may get an updated look from time to time; for example, maybe you get a new set of Christmas tree ornaments every couple of years to give the tree a new theme. You might like making some Christmas decorations by hand every year, too! Some folks love to make popcorn and cranberry strings or paper Christmas trees because they want to spend that time together as a family. If you’re looking for papercraft Christmas décor to create with your loved ones, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Make Paper Christmas Wreath

These paper Christmas wreaths are perfect for all ages. If you have some older kids helping you with this project, they will have no problem cutting out strips of paper to fill out the wreath’s foliage. If you have some younger ones in your brood, take some time beforehand to cut out the paper strips yourself – then the kids can do the super-fun part of gluing them!

Once you have a few wreaths ready to go, you can use them to decorate your home and show off your family craft! Maybe arts and crafts aren’t a big hit in your home, but you need some decorations for a class party or holiday celebration. You can hang the wreaths from the walls or spruce up the food tables with some wreaths around the food containers! This craft is versatile enough to get you through any holiday function. So grab your scissors and glue, and let’s get started!

How to Make Paper Christmas Wreath

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