Fiesta Frenzy Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Has the mommy-to-be been rocking on her chair, waiting for the arrival of her new bub, but is also getting the tingles in her feet for a bit of color, or perhaps a holiday somewhere warm and exotic. But the bump in her tum is stopping her?

Then why not put on a sombrero, shake out those maracas and bring out those donkeys…?! Or a donkey pinata and bring the fiesta to the shower!

What I love about this theme is you can literally use any color. And more the merrier!

Sprinkle some colorful fun cutouts on the table, hang lots of fringe tassels around the room and table and dangle a piñata or two! No corners of the room and no cupcake toppings should be left un-colored.

And if all the colors don’t leave everyone’s heads spinning into a fun Fiesta Frenzy, than no tequila could either!


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