Simple and Amazing Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

When throwing a baby shower, we often have quite a lot of things to factor in to the equation. Much like throwing any other social gathering, you no doubt want to focus on the guests to ensure they have the best time they possibly can.

Baby Shower Table Buffet Ideas

Well, this means focusing on the things like the entertainment on offer and the food provided. That’s why you might wish to look at some of our baby shower table buffet ideas.

If you need some inspiration on picking stylish snacks and fantastic finger foods, try and focus on the following tips and ideas.

Choose a Theme

Before you do anything else, come up with a theme. For example, if you know the baby is going to be a boy, you might wish to go down the vintage ‘baby blue’ color scheme. The same goes if you know it is a girl. Then, you just need to find foods especially with the sweets that match-in with that color scheme, or add some paper toppers (picks) that will convey the theme.

baby blue baby shower dessert table setup ideas

Of course, you could even adjust the color of other foods by using some safe food dyes. Either way, a theme helps to dictate the entire experience!

Balance Savory and Sweet

Regardless of the theme, you should always look to try and find a balance between savory and sweet products. This is very important. For every little plate of little sausage rolls, pastries, and cheese bites, have a little bowl of popcorns, chewy treats, and the like.

Whether you want to have savory and sweet foods separated is another thing to consider. It is very popular these days to devote a table full of sweets only and another table for just the savory foods.

How to Set Up a Candy Buffet Table

Try and focus on having as many mini foods as you can, too; this helps to make the buffet look even busier than normal.

Focus on the time of day

Another timing factor is the time of day you hold your baby shower. Therefore, your baby shower table buffet ideas should probably focus on that. If this is a morning or brunch buffet, then you want to get something that can enjoy a bit more simplistic food.

french country baby shower buffet table ideas
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Every culture has its own approach to breakfast, but a fine mixture of things like yogurts, waffles, fruits, muffins and cupcakes, and – if you tend to go down this route – things like pancakes or even eggs can help to add a bit of extra depth to the food that is on offer.

Focusing on the time of the day is very important as it can play a pretty big role in making sure the experience is truly satisfying. It also helps you to avoid putting out foods that might not be eaten due to the time people have arrived at the shower.

Listen to your Guests

Before you commit to any foods, you should speak to the close circle of guests attending your shower. The reason why is that baby shower table buffet ideas should be based around what people need to avoid. For example, does anyone have a major nut allergy? If so, you might wish to avoid using nuts in any of the foods which are present on the buffet. You would also keep in mind about foods that mom-to-be should be avoiding during pregnancy.

food to avoid during pregnancy

A bit of planning around the potential risks to your guests can make sense. It can also be quite useful for making sure that nobody falls ill or has an adverse reaction to any of the food(s) which are being put out on the table.

So, focus on the baby shower table buffet ideas that can avoid foods with high allergy risks and what mom-to-be should avoid. Checking with guests for the presence of major allergies can also help to avoid any nasty surprises, too.

Back Up your Buffet with Liquids

From pots of tea to cans of soda, you should look to have as much liquid as you can. Naturally, filling out a table with bottles of water, kettles, teapots etc. can be very useful for making sure everyone who comes along can be well hydrated.

baby shower drinks station
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You don’t want to take any needless risks when it comes to having a ‘dry buffet’. Of course, for some baby showers, you might also wish to have a few ‘adult’ refreshments, so look out for some nice bottles of wine etc. you could put out there.

If nothing else, make sure you put out as much tea, coffee, and water as you can so that everyone who comes along can find a drink that suits their tastes. With all of that finger food and buffet eating, you want to avoid anything feeling like they are dried out!

Ensure it is self-serving

At a baby shower, one of the most forgotten baby shower table buffet ideas comes from ensuring it can be self-served. Ensure there are ample utensils and cutlery so that nobody is waiting around. And remember, the hosting team are part of the party, too; don’t have your buffet set up so that someone has to spend all evening standing serving.

You should try and build all of your baby shower table buffet ideas around having a lot of self-service so that people can come and go as they please. This might sound obvious, but it can have a pretty major impact on the quality of your buffet experience as a whole. Have a sign even setup to let guests know they can help themselves.

So, be sure to look at ensuring that the buffy can be self-serving as much as possible. It helps to keep things flowing and it ensures that nobody feels like a staff member as opposed to a guest.

Have some fun!

Lastly, remember that this is all about having some fun and enjoying the company of people wishing you well for the future. When taking on any baby shower table buffet ideas, always factor in the theme, the guests, and the time of the day; it is the easiest way to ensure a happy, positive experience for all who come along.

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