Fun and Unique Gifts

Fun and Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas:

A baby shower is a time to not only celebrate, but also to prepare for the arrival of a beautiful new life. It is also a time for women to bond together and make plans for ensuring that the first few months of the new babies life is stocked well with of everything he or she could possibly want or need.

One very important thing when dealing with baby shower is having the right baby shower ideas. This rings especially true for the gifts. They are considered one of the most important aspects of a baby shower. That and the games. But let’s face it, the gifts are the only reason that baby showers exist in the first place.

So, to plan the best baby shower you can, you really only need to worry about finding the best gifts you can. Or, at least, different from what everyone else has given.

For example, the Baby Bean Bag is a super fun baby shower gift idea. It not only keeps the little one comfy, but it is also super cute too! It is just a bean bag chair but a mini size! You set your little bundle of joy down in this baby bean bag chair, and let the comfort never cease to amaze your little dear. Ok, while this is more for the cool factor of the new mommy, if the little guy could remember this moment when he was older, he would be saying, “Man I loved my Baby Bean Bag chair”.

Then, there is the Baby Shusher. This genius contraption uses rhythmic shushing sounds to calm your baby. It’s like politely telling him or her to stop crying, with a tool!

Couple the Baby Shusher with the Bobalong, a vest for baby that has a pocket made for keeping a pacifier or a bottle. Never lose another one! Grab a self-heating travel bottle or a thermo for warming up bottle and food while you’re at it, and provide warm bottles with no need for electricity or boiled water! Now that’s what you call convenient!

With all children, not just those of new mommies and daddies, making things more convenient is a pretty helpful thing. This is where a “Rollable Travel Carrier” comes in handy! It’s pretty much a dolly for your child’s car seat. Voila, an instant stroller!

Then, you also have the necessities. Every baby shower should bring the mother to be at least a month’s supply of diapers. That, and some baby wipes, baby Motrin and other first aid essentials.

Teething rings are also a very good idea, as is Baby Orajel, or some other gum numbing product. Teething can cause fevers to pitch, so keeping Baby Motrin or Baby Ibuprofen on hand is a good idea. That means they make great gifts!

When it all comes down to fun baby shower ideas, it really is the gifts that not only make it fun, but also make it worthwhile. Spending some time to find the perfect gifts that combine both originality and usefulness, takes a little bit of time. Patience as well.