Tangled Princess Birthday Party

Tangled Princess Birthday Party Tablescape

Tangled Princess Birthday Party by Debbie Messmer of Wants and Wishes | Shop.

With all these amazing decorations, it really makes you feel like the birthday party has been transformed into a Tangled movie. I must say I really love the printables used for this party especially the banners, toppers and crowns. Absolutely beautiful.

tangled princess birthday party ideas

I love how each of the letters for “Happy Birthday” are set in a pink shield. It truly gives it a princess touch. The little paper moon lanterns are so amazing. It reminded me of when they were sending the paper lanterns off in the movie.

The cake and cupcakes are very cute. The cupcakes around the bottom of the centerpiece cake give the effect of the village from which she lived. The little cupcake and cake decorations all have different parts from the movie. Whether you are looking the one of the tower to the one of the sun it all tells a part of the story. What can I say about the ‘kiss the frog’ cookies! Such a brilliant idea! So simple yet so creative. I would have never thought of using the frog lollies. Such a perfect addition to the treat table.

The crowns for each of the little princess’ are an excellent idea. Every one of the girls will get the opportunity to feel like a little princess.

Credits – Wants and Wishes

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