Fun “Minute to Win It” Baby Shower Games

Are you planning a baby shower but aren’t wild about traditional baby shower games? If you want to spice things up a little, here are four fun Minute to Win Baby Shower It-style games you can play to make your baby shower a memorable one. Your guests are guaranteed to goo-goo, gaga over them!

These game ideas are also perfect for co-ed baby shower guests! Don’t forget to prepare some favors for the winners!

Fun Minute to Win It Co-ed Baby Shower Games

Ping Pong Bounce Minute to Win It

The first minute to win it baby shower game on our list is called Ping Pong Bounce. This game requires a long table, a baby bathtub, and ping pong balls. Fill the baby bathtub with water and place it at one end of the table. Put the ping pong balls in a bucket and place them at the other end of the table, opposite the bathtub.

Much like another certain “pong” game (wink, wink), players must bounce their ping pong balls from one end of the table to the other. The goal is to get as many ping pong balls into the bathtub before time runs out!

Ping Pong Bounce Minute to Win It

Extra challenge: instead of a baby bathtub, you can place small plastic dishes (think sundae bowls, anything that floats) on the table. The objective is to bounce the ping pong balls into the floating targets!

Ping Pong Bounce Minute to Win It coed baby shower game

Sugar Baby Minute to Win It

Number two on our list of fun baby shower games is Sugar Baby. For this game, you will need to find letter-shaped candy or gummies (like these ones). You will also need a big bowl filled with sugar, a plastic spoon, and a disposable tablecloth to make your life easier.

  1. the first step is to cover the playing field with that plastic tablecloth – trust me.
  2. the second step is to pick out enough candy letters to spell the word “baby”, or any chosen word or name. Then, bury those letters into the sugar bowl.
  3. The third step is to make your friends play, and laugh hysterically.

The players must pinch the plastic spoon between their teeth, search through the sugar, and fish out the letters. They can only use the spoon so it’s helpful to have them hold their hands behind their back to avoid the temptation of grabbing the bowl. The first or fastest one to dig out all four letters is the winner!

Extra challenge: rather than just fishing the letters out of the bowl, have your players use the spoon in their teeth to arrange the letters on the table to spell “baby” correctly!

Sugar Baby Minute to Win It

Dizzy Diaper Minute to Win It

Our third game is called Dizzy Diaper. All you will need to play this game is a roll of toilet paper and two players with a good sense of humor! Player 1 will hold the roll of toilet paper on a holder. Player 2 will take the end of the toilet paper in their hand. When the round starts, player 2 must start spinning around and wrap themselves in the toilet paper – preferably around the lower half of their body! The fastest or first team to successfully wrap their player in a toilet paper diaper wins!

Extra challenge:

Tuck the end of the toilet paper into Player 2’s waistband instead of having them hold it in their hands. Have them also tuck their arms in. So if the toilet paper breaks, Player 1 has to help them start wrapping again!

Dizzy toilet paper Diaper Minute to Win It baby shower game
Credit: birdsandsoap

Pop it BABY Minute to Win It

The fourth and final game to jazz up your baby shower is Pop it BABY. Write out the letters B-A-B-Y on separate slips of paper and stuff each of them into their own balloons. Inflate the balloons, and be sure to keep them appropriately grouped together.

Pop balloon the BABY Minute to Win It

Your players must pair up and try to pop the balloons using only their heads to get the letters inside! Once they have popped all the balloons and collected all the letters, they will need to arrange them in the correct order to win. For a simpler option, you can ask the players to sit on the balloons to pop.

Extra challenge:

You can ask the guests to spell out different words for different rounds of the game. Just be sure to keep the number of balloons the same and keep the word fairly simple. For example, spell out “baby” in one group of balloons and “girl” in another. This way, every player has to figure out a new word puzzle!

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