Glitzy Glamorous Baby Shower


Taking classic blue and white tones and adding a bold touch of gold really gave this Glitzy Glamorous Baby Shower a unique look.  Bee-unike Events created a sophisticated and cozy vibe at this sweet shower that the mom-to-be could feel right at home in.

A special section in this venue was set aside with a fantastic throne-like chair that was framed in gold to give the vip a royal experience.  This chair was accented with an adorable anchor throw pillow in blue and white.  Set on top of a thick blue rug and in between two adorable sailboats, the theme for this fun shower was definitely clear.

The treat table was a wonderful blend of blue, gold and white that was nothing shy of luxurious.  With fantastic textured, golden strands across the front of the table, an elegant look was created.  The top of the table was done in blue, making it look a bit like the ocean.  A fun backdrop with a white steer wheel introduced the water loving theme beautifully. To each side lovely curtains were draped in a complementary fashion.  The blend of blue shimmers and blue and white stripes was adorable.

A creative idea used for this party were little golden sailboats that held cake pops all in a row. The cake pops were even dolled up with blue and white swirly straws, adding a cute touch.  Tall vases with beautiful flowers stood on each side of a fabulous cake, adding a natural and sweet smelling touch.

The cake was a four layer vision in blue, white and gold.  It was topped with a sailboat too and was decorated perfectly with anchors and rope.  It was set on a golden tray, adding to the glamour perfectly. Other tasty additions to the table included sugar cookies shaped into boats and candy coated cookies that looked quite delectable.

glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-cakepops glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-cakepop-sailboat glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-dessert-table glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-guest-table glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-snacking-table glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-snack-table glitzy-glamorous-baby-shower-steering-wheel

Credits –

Bee-unike Events


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