Red and Blue Nautical Party

Red and Blue Nautical Party tablescape

Red and Blue Nautical Party by Jordan of Polkadot Prints.

The red, white, and blues at this party were vibrant, really creating a playful and exciting atmosphere for the guests to enjoy. The backdrop on the dessert table really enveloped the nautical theme with a life preserver surround by a neat flag banner with various patterns. The table itself had a white cloth, allowing all of the colors to really stand out.

Red and Blue Nautical Party life preserver Backdrop

The celebration cake was a delight with fun boats frosted on top of blue waves over a base layer of white.  As a single layer, it was set on a tiered cake tray that allowed it to draw attention.

The party invitations were very modern and stylish with nautical stripes and Ahoy typed out in an fun font.  These invitations went with all of the neat food labels that informed guests of what each dessert was.

One really tasty looking dessert were the jelly slices, three layers of absolute deliciousness, the top being blue jello that matched the theme nicely.

The front of the dessert table had a unique banner of multi-colored anchors that were strung with striped yarn that really helped create the sea-loving approach to this event.

Even the fruit punch beverages had a nautical vibe with a deep red color that was sure to be enjoyed by all. The straws were fantastic with little personalized sailboat tags that blended in with the theme.

And no party is truly complete without these adorable mini hotdogs! With adorable little buns and already topped with ketchup and mustard, these little guys were ready to be eaten right up!

Credits –

Jordan with Polkadot Prints

Invitation available here at Etsy

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