Golden Moroccan Elephant Baby Shower

Golden Moroccan Elephant Baby Shower Party by Mirosleidys of Chiquita Party Boutique.

The best way to say this is in two words: Golden Elegance. This Moroccan themed Baby Shower is a few cuts above the rest. This golden elephant theme is exotic and interesting. The place setting is royal and adored with richness and flair. The colors are muted well enough to elevate the bold colors in the flowers and the décor. I love the elephant invitations and the little lanterns are a very nice touch. I think the elephant pieces and the gold plated menus really brings out the elegance to the theme.

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The distinction in the invitations and menu choices are so befitting for the young prince that is to be born. The rich colors are a wonderful and warm glow alongside the burning shimmer of candlelight and the light of the lamps. The bouquets of coral and white flowers that are encased in golden glittered vases are just the touch of elegance that this affair needs. The flowers give the ambiance of royalty and a touch of femininity. The cakes are simple yet elegant and are such a wonderful way to display the flavor of the cakes.

The cakes look as if they are a bouquet of flowers themselves. I really love the precision and detailing of the menu and the formality of the invitations. Every detail seemed so intricate and masterfully planned. This event seems to have a prominence and delicacy at the same time. The mom is so beautiful and this shower is such a reflection. I love how simple and purposeful every inch of the table displays. My favorite piece is the scripture and boy placards. This arrangement makes a mothers heart melt. Bravo to the designer.


Printables and Decoration by Chiquita Party Boutique
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