Vintage Princess Party

Vintage Princess Party – Marie Antoinette Style by Imary of Papilot. Thanks Imary for the share!

prince theme party

The theme behind these amazing party photos is a Vintage Princess Party, and if it was for me, I would no doubt feel like a true princess. All guests in attendance would be sure to feel like royalty too! This setup is not just a generic princess party either. It’s a party with a Marie Antoinette theme, which accosts itself to the majestic and grandiose gatherings of 18th Century French nobles. The magnificent detail used in everything from the old-style carriage table decorations to the extravagant cake and chandelier, you could almost imagine being transported back in time to a glorious Royal French ballroom. Even ornately decorated golden crowns are set amongst the plethora of royal goodies for the guests!

No details were too small here as even the cupcakes were given crowns, the cake golden beads, and the white chairs were draped with flowers and ribbons. The pink, white, and pastel blue color theme also add to the “time machine” effect of the decorations, giving it that 18th century feel to it.

The crystals and beads for the chandeliers dazzle and add an opulence to the layout. And what a layout it is! Though the desserts and pastries look delicious, they are so expertly laid out and decorated that I’d almost feel bad to eat them!

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this party theme though, are the way the tables are decorated and spread inside of the draped area. The pink fabric tied in knots on the chairs with the white royal-decor tablecloths give off such a welcoming, comforting, and quality impression. Royalty indeed!

vintage princess party chandelier pink table setting princess carriage vintage princess party floral decoration princess theme decoration vintage princess theme crowns 5 tier cake gold crown cupcakes and toppers vintage princess baby showre theme 1376643_166348146902585_1234770087_n

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