Floral Love In Bloom Baby Shower


From the exquisite decorations to the gorgeous photography from Rachel Kuzma, this Floral Love In Bloom Baby Shower was a stunning executed event. 

The venue for the party was Gramercy Terrace in New York City, a fantastic space with a greenhouse vibe that had windows from the ceiling down. The entire room was filled with natural lighting that made all of the flower decorations pop beautifully. 

The ceiling had a whole array of large, paper flowers in all shades of bright colors, creating an inviting atmosphere. Rows of potted trees filled the space as well, filling the room with life.  An adorable flag banner announced the event in bright orange and pink tones.

Tables were set up in long rows to accommodate all of the guests comfortably. They were covered with white tablecloths and featured adorable centerpieces all the way down the rows of small flowers with large blooms in clear vases. Each place setting had a special bundle with a menu so everyone would know what there was to eat.

An elegant lounging area was in this space as well so the mother to be could comfortably open her gifts and visit with friends and family.  This area had couches and cute tables.

For dessert a wonderful two layer cake frosted in light blue was set out with a massive arrangement of colorful flowers on the top and smaller groups of them on each level. 

A sweet little tree was used for hanging paper leaves that the guests could leave pieces of advice and well wishes on and there was also a fun framed photo for the guests to sign. Headbands made for baby made a lovely finishing touch for this party and each guest got to take home a vibrantly colored candles to remember the event by.

floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-banner floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-banners floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-books-sign floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-cake floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-candles floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-colorful-flowers floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-decorative-edible-flowers floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-dessert floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-flower-centerpieces floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-framed-writing floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-guest-gifts floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-guest-seating floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-headbands floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-menu floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-paper-flowers floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-pastel-headbands floral-love-in-bloom-baby-shower-venue


Photography – Rachel Kuzma
Venue and Catering – Gramercy Terrace
Cake and Floral Bouquet Cupcakes – Carlo’s Bakery
Floral Design – L’Atelier Rouge
Hair and Make up for Mom-to-Be – Glamsquad


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