How and What to Write

How & What to Write on Your Baby Shower Invitations

The baby shower invitation your guests receive will be the one that will set the style and mood of the occasion. There are lots of ideas that you can choose from online. If this is your first time in creating a baby shower invitation, there are helpful tips that you can follow. Remember, your primary goal of creating an invitation is to catch your guest’s attention and encourage them to join you on your special day.

 Tips and Techniques in Creating Your Baby Shower Invitations

 There are things that you need to consider when making a baby shower invitation. These tips and techniques also include the things you should write in your baby shower invitations. Make sure that each factor is given enough attention to be able to produce the perfect invitation.


 Color plays an important role when creating a baby shower invitation. Do not use too much bright colors. For instance, if you choose pink as your color scheme use soft or pastel pink color on your invitation so it will be easier to read.

 Pleasing to the Eye

 Make sure that your invitation is pleasing to the eye. Addressing your guests properly is very important, like using Ms. or Mrs. rather than writing only the name. In choosing the color, it is best that you choose an elegant, warm color instead of very hard to read, bright color.

 Add a Poem or Verses

 If your baby shower is focused on a specific theme for instance Cinderella, you may add a short poem or quote that pertains to it. This will make your invitation unique since only few people apply this. It is proven several times that being original is the best way to do it.

For Surprise Baby Shower

If it is for a surprise baby shower intended for a friend of yours or relative, you have to indicate it in your invitation so that your guests will be aware. This will make sure that the event will remain a secret until it is time to reveal the surprise.

Indicate if the event is Co-Ed

Most of the baby shower party invites the ladies only. However, there are some that allow men to join them so make sure that you indicate it in your invitation.

Date, Time and Place

Of course don’t forget to indicate the date, time and place as well as the theme of the party. If you are having the party in a specific place, it is best that you include an instruction on how to get there, so your guests will not get lost. If the event can accommodate only a specific number of guests, make sure that you include RSVP in your invitation.

Keeping all these things in mind will create a perfect baby shower invitation and a successful baby shower party.