Edible Favors

Edible Baby Shower Favors:

Edible favors are all the rage. Everyone is doing it, and it seems to be a real hit. If you like the idea of giving each guest something that they can enjoy in a different way, than here are some ideas!

A lot of people give out chocolate lollipops with a picture or saying on it that is about the shower or the baby. There are also cupcake pops. They are round, made of cake, decorated and on a stick-simple yet fun and delicious! You could also give out regular lollipops and either have the date and “(name)’s Baby Shower” printed on them, or put little cards tied on them with a bow with the info. The second way may seem plainer, but it is also something that they can keep forever as a memento.


Then you have the cookies. There are cookies shaped and decorated like little onesies, or bassinets. They have them in the shape of storks, blocks, bibs and even bottles. They are so cute and fun that you almost would not want to eat them. You could make them yourself using shaped cookie cutter. You can also have just regular cookies. You can pick any flavor you want, wrapped in clear bag with a little card attached with the event information printed or written on. You can also have everyone’s names written on them or anything really.

Another option is to have regular mini candies like Hershey kisses, M&Ms in pretty baby shower favor tins. Each tin is topped with a sticker with all of the baby shower info printed on it or personalized with every guest’s name.

Other people give out decorated cupcakes covered in fondant. You can make them in pink or blue if you know the sex or green or yellow if you don’t. They are very delicious yet won’t be messy if you want to wrap or box them or just have everyone grab one on the way out. There are also a lot of people using mini cakes that almost look like the packaged Little Debbie snacks you used to have as a kid, or maybe still do. They can be decorated any way you want too.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it! The favors should be something really great to show everyone that you are glad they came and appreciate their gifts. You have endless possibilities and they are all so great and easily customized. You could always give out the traditional bag of Jordan Almonds!

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