Baby Sprinkle Party Ideas

“Shower” The Mom-to-be with a Baby Sprinkle Party!

Clouds & Rainbow Baby Shower


When planning a baby shower and having to come up with all of the baby shower ideas for decorations, invites and cake, it is always helpful to have a theme already on hand. Having a theme makes planning a lot easier. The “shower”, rain or an umbrella theme is perfect and a fun theme that you can play around a lot with! If it’s Mommy’s second baby, you can plan a Baby Sprinkle incorporating plenty of confetti and sprinkles and umbrellas! After all, if you’re having a shower you need an umbrella, right?

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Baby Sprinkle Invitations

Baby Sprinkle Cake

You could have a sheet cake with a rainy day scene drawn on it and an umbrella over a bassinet. You could go with the same thing but instead of a bassinet it could be a baby on a pillow covered with an umbrella or any kind of stuffed animal like a teddy bear even. Then of course you have the other option, a cake shaped like an umbrella. Both look very cute and people always love them. If you prefer tiered cakes, than you could go with a 2 or 3 tiered cake topped with a baby under an umbrella. All of the choices are very cute but when choosing a cake a lot of it is about the budget so go in with your top 3 favorites and see what you can afford.

umbrella themed mint chocolate candy favor

Baby Sprinkle Decorations

Shower Garland, Umbrella Garland Glittered umbrella rain baby shower cupcake toppers

For decorations you could print out some umbrellas on your computer on thick stock paper or normal paper (you can make them blue or pink or green  depending on if you know the sex or not) and just cut the umbrellas out and put them on the walls with raindrops made of cutout of shimmering colored cardstock papers . Maybe even use them in or around the banner. You could do the same thing with rain cloud so you have the option to do both, or one or the other. If you chose to do both you could either alternate them or you could put the rain clouds directly over the umbrellas. Also they have little umbrellas that you could use. Maybe give one to everyone as baby shower favors or place them around the room. You could even use a small umbrella as the chip bowl. If you are using it as a decoration on dessert table, you could have it hanging off the ceiling with rain drops made of blue or pink or simply white paper hanging off each end of the umbrella with a string. Having umbrella upside down can look very attractive too so think about it. You could use white balloons, pompoms or fairly floss to mimic the clouds throughout.

white-paper-parasols rain themed baby shower

Sprinkled with Love Printable

PRINTABLE 'sprinkled with love' party decor, labels and signs PRINTABLE umbrella 'sprinkled with love' party decor Showered with Love Baby Shower - Instant Download PRINTABLE Party Kit

Baby Sprinkle Games

rainbow baby shower games, confetti, baby sprinkle games, tlc108 whats-in-your-purse wishes-for-the-baby


sprinkle baby shower games

“Shower” the Mommy To Be Treats & Favors

For some snack options, and favors if you like, you could make umbrella cookies iced to look real. Again you can choose what color depending on the situation. You could even get some blue iced cupcakes and use the same rain cloud picture but much smaller, tape them onto toothpicks and put them right in. It looks so cute when all the cloud cupcakes are sitting there next to the umbrella cookies. If you do choose to do that for snacks, than you can use chocolate lollipops or cakepops as favors. You can do shapes of cloud, raindrop, or umbrella. You could also mix it up and leave them out on the table for everyone to take one so they can chose their favorites. You could serve white marshmallows in a large bowl too, they can look like a cloud. A lot can happen with the food so make sure you have a little too much.


The best thing about this theme is that it is a metaphor for what motherhood is. No matter what happens in life, no matter where you go or what the problem is your mom is there for you. She teaches you all the things you need to know, makes sure you are a good person, loves you no matter what and is always there when you need her. She has you covered. She is your umbrella on a rainy day, there to protect you and keep you safe.

“Shower” the Mommy To Be Favors

Custom Designer Baby Shower CookiesLittle Notes Notebook Favors Personalized Baby Shower Honey Jars Personalized Baby Shower Tea Bags

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