Glamorous Pink Floral Baby Shower

Glamorous Pink Floral Baby Shower Tablescape

This Glamorous Pink Floral Baby Shower featured all sorts of glamorous elements, making it a sweet and sophisticated event for a special mom-to-be. With the planning expertise of Bella (@bellas_design), every detail of this party was exquisite.

To draw attention to the gorgeous dessert table, sweet pink and gold blocks in gold lettering spelled out, “Baby,” to one side with an adorable stuffed teddybear leaning on them. The backdrop to the table was beautifully done, oversized paper flowers in various shades of pink hung delightfully while balloons in a towering bouquet floated on each side.

Glamorous Pink Floral Baby Shower backdrop

The table itself was stunning with a lovely shimmering gold tablecloth accented by cute layers of pink tulle at the very front. Adorable decorations used to add to the theme included a little stuffed bear that sat at the back of the table with a little bear smile, beautiful displays of flowers on each side and some fantastic framed, customized art.

The treats for the dessert table were yummy looking with perfect details that matched the soft pink theme beautifully. Cakepops looked almost too good to eat with various types of coating from a golden shimmer to pretty pink and white patterns. Each had a gold or gold and white swirly stick for easy grabbing too.  At the front of the table tasty gummy worms and other candies were laid out on a golden tray, inviting guests to feed their sweet tooth.


The cake for the party was divine, featuring a light pink top that got darker going down to the tray.  A rosette styled texture created an elegant look and a crown at the top was a perfect addition. It had, “Welcome,” spelled out on the top layer so everyone would know for sure what this celebration was all about. On each side of this cake rock candy on sticks stood tall in mason jars.

Glamorous Pink Floral Baby Shower dessert table
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