Patriotic Graduation Party


The Little Factory showcased their masterful decorative skills with this charming Patriotic Graduation Party. Using the classic red, white and blue colors, the venue was a bright and cheerfully arranged area.  Massive blue curtains made a perfect backdrop for the innovative buffet display. Silver tinsel added a touch of glam with red, white and blue stars incorporated across the top of the backdrop too.  A bright red, white and blue banner congratulated this special kid across the center so the theme was easy to see.


The cake at this party was phenomenal.  With an intricate layering of patriotic details, it stood tall with the year clearly displayed across the front. To add a touch of rustic charm to this party, the trays used for the goodies were wooden, some log-shaped, giving a neat effect. Lamps were set at the back to add a soft touch of lighting too.


Each of the snacks was beautifully detailed to go with this fun theme from the sugar cookies with flags and stars to the candies in jars that were red and blue.

Snack bags were put together for the guests to take home with them too, decorated with adorable ribbons and stars. They were set at a fantastic rustic, wooden table with a sign saying, “Graduation is sweet, please take a treat.”

Tall green, plants on each side of this table added a natural touch to the decor. Flowers were also incorporated into the decor with red and white blooms that enhanced the theme sweetly. Balloons even made it into this fun theme, spread underneath the tables in a fun fashion.

A favorite addition to this party were little tubes of goodies for each guest that were decorated with the year on outside along with an adorable mini diploma.

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