Peace Love and Owls Birthday

This Peace, Love, and Owl’s Birthday party was designed by Sweets Indeed in such a colorful and elegant manner that I think it would make a wonderful baby shower as well.  The boldness of the color palette really created a special and distinctive look that anyone can enjoy.

The dessert table at this party was pure glamour from the top to the bottom. The front of the table was decorated in an array of vibrant pinks and brown tulle that was hung with pastel pink ribbon, creating an elegant and fun look.

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Flowing with the theme, the backdrop behind the dessert table was phenomenal, beautiful tulle cascading down, creating a fantastic centerpiece to the room. With an adorable peace sign and heart spread among the tulle this theme was introduced with a wonderful attention to detail.

The birthday cake was nothing short of amazing, centered on a very tall tray that allowed guests to easily see the reason for the wonderful celebration. Sweets Indeed even had a cute banner strung up in front of the cake letting everyone know that this party was for a wonderful Birthday Girl.

Fashioned as a gigantic cupcake the birthday cake was lathered in delicious looking frosting, creating a sweetness to the event that you could just eat right up. Wrapped up with a massive bow, this cupcake was certainly one-of-a-kind.

The other desserts were not over-shadowed, each offered amazing detail and yummy appeal that was certain to keep guests coming back for more. There were divine owl cupcakes that even had little owl faces.

There were adorable little owls all lined up in front of the cake as well, bringing a wonderful mix of decoration into the dessert area, filling up the table with a detailed approach to the theme. This party definitely had a little bit of everything.

Credits- Sweets Indeed

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