Peach And Blue Owl Baby Shower



This astounding Peach And Blue Owl Baby Shower was innovatively decorated by the stellar skill of My Little Angel Decorations. With so many fantastic and unique details, this party was one of a kind.  The theme tones for the party were a lovely blend of pink, blue, peach, white and even some green.  A massive venue was used for this special shower, allowing for plenty of space for the guests.

An entire section was dedicated to the desserts and it was phenomenally put together.  Long sheer swatches of fabric in pink, white and peach were used to divide an entire square of space.  A whole section of wall was covered with white to create a backdrop and a fantastic arrangement of small birdcages made a lovely addition.  Each birdcage had a candle inside to, adding to the lighting in elegant fashion.  The  dessert table was laid out on one side, allowing for easy access and it was covered in a fantastic textured fabric that matched the theme tones brilliantly.  Each of the treats went with the theme while looking quite decadent.  Cupcakes with light pink frosting had dark pink rosettes on top. There was even a tasty looking mini cake frosted in blue with a silver owl on top.

A round table was set at the front to hold the gorgeous tiered cake.  It was detailed adorably with edible art and topped with a lovely white owl. One adorable addition to this cake was the use of sugar cookies at the front spelling out, “Baby” in frosting that blended with the theme. This edible twist on showcasing the party vip was absolutely fantastic. The table cover for this cake table was stunning, massive rosettes around the bottom gave a magnificent effect.





peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-bird-cage-candle peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cakepops peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake-section peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cake-table peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-candles peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cookie-letters peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-cupcakes peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-guest-seating peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-mini-cake peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-owl-cake-blue peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-sugar-cookies peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-sweets peach-and-blue-owl-baby-shower-treats


Decorations: My Little Angel Decorations

Cake: Elite Cake Designs By Edwin

Photography: Marvin Peralta

Venue: Days Hotel & Conference Center – Methuen MA


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