Golf Themed Baby Shower

Golf Themed Baby Shower by Dinah of DIY Inspired. What an amazing baby shower! The round tables surrounded by black and tan chairs display a mini putting greens as a lovely table centerpieces. Fancy jars trimmed with ribbons and filled with golf tees and golf balls sit on the green surrounded by beautiful cut flowers and specially made signs bearing a cute phrases as “Daddy’s Little Caddy” and “Let’s Par Tee”.

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A large watermelon, hollowed out with a quarter of its rind removed, is filled with various cuts of fruit arranged to resemble a baby carriage and baby with a pacifier. The food presentation table, draped in the same tan linen as the chairs, is decked out with a sign proclaiming the arrival of a little boy, each letter of the phrase filling its own golf ball. A small putting green is laid out along side the party’s central area for guests to practice their swing while milling about the party space. It provides both fun and diversion for the party goers. But as always, it is the cake that draws the most attention. Here, however, the cake and cupcakes are diaper cakes designed to be both attractive and useful for the soon-to-be parents. The favors are another feature I love about this theme. Small pretty white boxes adorned with the same golf ball design as the decorative sign are full of Ghirardelli sea salt chocolates.

You can find more photos rigth HERE at DIY Inspired~

golf themed baby shower ideas

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