Sky Blue Baby Shower


This Sky Blue Baby Shower was beautifully designed by EVENTee Party who used a smooth mix of blue and white to create a cozy and welcoming venue for a whole group of special people to celebrate a new coming life.

A lovely dessert table was set up with an elegant layered white cover which provided a perfect setting for the pretty mix of treats and decorations. A sheer curtain was used as a backdrop base and was accented with all sorts of adorable angel wings and clouds along with Sky spelled out in sweet, shimmering lettering.

Giant blue block letters let everyone that mom-to-be was expecting a boy in fun fashion. Set across the center of this dessert table, it made a perfect addition to the decor. On each side of the table lovely bouquets of white flowers drew the eye. There were also fantastic large columns that added to the elegant vibe which also held a lovely arrangement of white blooms.

A variety of delightful treats made sure that everyone could find something to nibble on. From sugar cookies to macarons, all the snacks were decorated to match the theme wonderfully. The cake was a sweet arrangement of blue frosting and white clouds with a bottle and infant angel on the top, matching this gorgeous theme beautifully.

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