Surfing Baby On Board Shower

Surfing Baby on Board Baby Shower Tablescape

This cool, blue Surfing Baby On Board Shower was expertly designed by Sweet and Clever. With a unique theme and a cool blend of beach tones, the venue for this party was beautifully designed.


For the snack table, a one-of-a-kind backdrop was made featuring a large blue surfboard with baby-to-be’s name in white letters. Over top of the surfboard, a cute banner said, “Baby On Board,” introducing the theme in a creative way.  The background of this cool printable was wavy and had a range of colors from deep tan to green, giving a sea-like effect.


The snacks were perfectly arranged on the table to allow easy access for the guests. The front row of snacks was all on low white trays while the back row had varying heights to add dimension to the decor. The table itself was covered in a vibrant white cloth, so all the blues and greens of the treats could stand out boldly.


Delightful rice Krispy treats were dipped in blue frosting and then covered in white sprinkles. Each had a stick to make it easy to grab and hold them and they were all set on two-tiered cupcake stands at the back of the table. Cupcakes made a classic option for the guests to enjoy as well as all sorts to try out.  With different fun cupcake holders in blue, green, and even stripes, they made this table look fun and delicious.  Each cupcake even had a personalized topper to match the theme.

The cake was a surfing dream with two layers frosted in blue that faded at the top to give a beach look.  The top of the cake even had tan tones like sand and an adorable topper with surfboards and a palm tree. Around the edge of the cake on the white tray, there was more brown too.   



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