Lorax Themed Birthday Party

This adorable Lorax First Birthday Party would be an excellent baby shower idea! Desiree, from Moments by DEZign really put a lot of thought into this event and it reflected in the final product. With a brilliant array of colors and personal touches this party made was a great idea.

The showcased dessert table was flawless in detailing starting with the brilliant blue and white back drop that had the child’s name in flag banners draped gracefully in the front. The flags were all different patterns and colors really embracing Dr. Seuss’ love of contradicting fashions.  Beside the back drop cloth were a nice layering of colorful balloons that made the table really stand out.

Lorax Themed Birthday Party, the book

The front of the table was done wonderfully with contrasting fabrics draped across with a fun rubber toy in the very center. The guests placed the child’s gifts across the bottom of the table and inadvertently added brilliance to this theme with all of the bright packaging and tissue papers.

The treats on the table were evenly spaced apart and each individual item really attracted attention with vibrant colors.  There were a couple more of the adorable toys and in the back ground the book “The Lorax” shone as the focal point of the whole event accented with lovely little feathers on sticks. Everything was set up right over that fun Easter grass, really filling out theme with excellence.

The treats were a mix of fun and flavor with a variety of choices for the guests to enjoy. There were Truffula Tree seeds in several adorable jars that had ribbons and personalized signs that embraced the theme. There was a Humming fish as well in a little jar of water! With bright little red tomatoes, blue gum drops and orange crackers in bowls up front this treat table was a complete success.

Credits – Moments by DEZign

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