Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower Tablescape

Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower by Giggles Galore.

Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower tablescape

Mariah Leeson is the creative mind behind this Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower.  She put together a nice mix of country charm, simple details and muted colors that made this a one of a kind event.

One of her unique ideas was placing sticks on corn on the cobs and placing them inside pop cans that were then put inside a basket and decorated with a circle of twigs. This idea looked fantastic.

Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower_Lil Buckaroo Baby Shower

She made absolutely adorable cupcakes that were covered in red sprinkles, adding a touch of color to this country theme.  For a more personal touch, each cupcake had an individual topper, a sign attached to the cupcake with a stick. Each one had a little ribbon, or straw tied around it, wrapping it into the theme very nicely.

The treat table itself was set up perfectly. With a wide range of things to draw attention, no detail was left unattended. The back drop for the table was a wooden window frame that a cute and colorful banner of flags was attached to.  The table had nice layering, a rocking horse carefully placed on top of the cupcake box added a nice warmth the look.

The table was draped in a nice neutral toned drop cloth and then accented with a small red runner that added a bright touch. To the side of the table was a bucket with a wonderful sign that indicated Baby Wishes could be placed inside, a fantastic idea. There was also root beer to drink, each tagged with a little personal thank you message.

The other very cool idea at this event was the ladder beside the treat table. This ladder was covered in a matching flag banner to the table backdrop and featured a very large Welcome to the Shower sign that introduced the theme brilliantly.

Credits – Giggles Galore < Visit here for more photos! >

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