Top 20 Popular Baby Shower Game Prizes for Game Winners!

20 Popular Baby Shower Game Prizes for Game Winners

Hosting a baby shower soon? Then, don’t skimp out on the baby shower game prizes that you’ll be giving away to your guests! Prizes are separate to baby shower favors, so take some time to select something that your guest would love, whether something useful and practical or unique or fun.

baby shower game prize ideas

Typically, you would prepare between 2-4 games, so I would recommend having between 2-4 prizes. If you are playing team-based games like minute-to-win-it baby shower games, baby Pictionary, or diaper changing race, you may need to prepare a lot more prizes depending on how many people are attending the shower.

With that, here are the best 20 baby shower game prize ideas:

1.         Personalized with Name Candle

ETSY by A to Z Candles

There’s no reason why your baby shower game prizes shouldn’t include a beautifully scented candle. This candle by A to Z Candles is personalized with a baby’s last name.

Besides making for a great design piece, it also promotes relaxation and helps reduce stress levels, which your guests will certainly be grateful for, especially if they’ve had an exhausting day at work.

2.         “OOOh Baby” Liquor Prize

Oooh Baby Baby Mini Bottle Tags
ETSY by InkHeartPaper

These personalized tags by InkHeartPaper will fit miniature bottles of your favorite alcohol. They look fantastic and make a pretty exciting prize for a baby shower game!

3.         “Boys are the Bomb” Bath Bombs

"Boys are the Bomb" Bath Bombs Prize

These adorable Bath Bombs by LOVEandSHEA are perfect baby shower prizes for a boy baby shower! Each Bath Bombs is handmade with Lavender Buds and soothing Epsom Salts. They will have your guests gushing over how cute these prizes are.

4.         Natural Soap Set

This particular soap set is made in Bali, Indonesia, and features an exotic blend of the island’s organic ingredients. It also consists of several beautiful scents, including vanilla, coconut, lemongrass, and jasmine. Perfect for all skin types and packed in a stylish box, it should definitely be included in your list of baby shower game prizes.

They’re also extremely practical too, which means that they won’t be merely set aside by the guests.

5.         Reusable Coffee Travel Cup

If you’re struggling to think of baby shower game gifts, then why not consider a travel mug? Even guests who aren’t coffee enthusiasts will appreciate a high-quality cup, especially if its eco-friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients.

With that in mind, this reusable coffee travel cup will undoubtedly make for the perfect baby shower prize. It comes in a whole host of different colors, including sophisticated black, storm gray, midnight blue, and tomato red, which means that there’s a shade to fit all your guests’ preferences. It’s also made from organic bamboo fiber and food-grade silicone, encouraging them to cut down on their plastic consumption and help save the environment. 

6.         Baby Shower Trophies

Baby Shower Trophies
Etsy by AhMeiCreations

These fun baby bottle trophies by AhMeiCreations can be given as prizes for any baby shower game! They make a perfect keepsake for the baby shower you are hosting and are quite spectacular to look at and you could have them displayed as part of the baby shower decoration.

7.         Dessert-Scented Candle

These scented candles from the Eighth Lotus brand take it up a notch with their unique and delicious-smelling dessert scents. In addition to cookies and cream, you can also opt for a blueberry muffin, lemon creme, and more. With an hour-long burn time and one-of-a-kind fragrances, these will make for an unforgettable prize.

8.         Personalized Charcuterie Board

If you’re looking for more personalized baby shower prizes, then you won’t go wrong with this charcuterie board from Picnic at Ascot, a California-based brand that has dominated the industry for decades.

Although a little more on the pricier end, these are made from organically-grown bamboo, this charcuterie board can be engraved with a custom message, which makes it extra special. It has a ton of nifty features, including a deep cracker well, a removable drawer, and stainless steel cheese tools.

9.         Tea Sampler

Your shopping list for baby shower game prizes could also include a classic tea variety box, especially if your guests are huge fans of this hot beverage. It will make for a great addition to any kitchen and can be enjoyed long after the party is over.

This variety box is filled with tea from Taylors of Harrogate, one of the most renowned brands in England. It includes samples of their bestselling flavors, including Earl Gray, Organic Chamomile, Peppermint, and more. Help your guests enjoy breakfast time by giving them this incredible prize.

10. Sleeping Baby Keychain

This super adorable sleeping baby keychain by CaSales is very stylish and cute, unique, and fluffy! They are perfect prize that is suitable for children and friends. You can be used as car and bag accessories, keychain, mobile phone or backpack pendant jewelry.

sleeping baby keychain prize
ETSY by CaSales

11. Teddy in a Tub Soap 

Handmade with shea butter and coconut oil, these cute 3D Teddy bear in a bathtub soap by FallingStarNaturals are perfect prize if you are looking for something simple and affordable!

12. Bow HeadBands

If the baby shower are mainly women who are coming, then these multipurpose bow headbands are a great idea. They are super soft and comfortable and are nice and tight around the head so it doesn’t fall off of your head while working around the house or brushing your teeth, or washing your face, or putting on makeup or even when taking a quick shower!

13. Succulent Pots

Great co-ed baby shower prize idea! These attractive little ceramic owl pots are perfect for a small flower, cactus, bonsai, and succulents. They make a unique keepsake. Your guests can decorate their balcony, windowsill, dinning table, or even their office desk!

14. Handmade Fizzy Spa Bath Set

Handmade Fizzy Spa Bath Set

These Handmade Fizzy Spa Bath bombs are going to be quite fun! They come in various scents including Green tea, rose, lavender, and pot marigold. Your guest will surely enjoy this prize as these bath bombs have rejuvenating and healing ingredients like dead sea salt, sunflower oils, soothing shea butter, and cocoa butter. Not only do they get to enjoy an aromatic bath, but their skin will also be moisturized and softened!

15. Baby Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is one of the cutest baby shower prize ideas! The guest would be happy to see something different and very useful. The bottle opener already comes with the cute little box ready to be given!

16. Polka Dot Manicure Kit

For a girly type of prize, this little Manicure Kit might be perfect! It has everything a girl needs! With a nail file, scissors, clippers, and tweezers, the girls would love having the mini tools handy in their bags.

17. Pale Pink Shawl Scarf

This lovely pink shawl or Scarf makes a great prize idea especially if you are hosting a baby shower in winter. You can even add a special touch with a personalized label!

18. Mommy and Daddy’s Favorites Bags & Stickers

Perfect couples shower game prizes! These heart-shaped stickers and bags by Clementine Party come in a set of 30 so this is good if you are having team-based baby shower games like Diaper Changing Race.

19. Pop it when she pops

These personalized “Pop the Bubbly when She Pops!” tags by PopItWhenShePops can be tied around mini bottles of champagne or gourmet popcorn! Such a fun prize idea!

20. Succulent with Funny Pun Tags

These Succulents with funny pun tags by SorellaMinchella make perfect baby shower prizes! Read on below to find out what funny phrases are included in the set!

“Aloe, Little One!”
“Baby in Bloom”
“Baby, You’re Succulent” / “Boy, You’re Succulent” / “Girl, You’re Succulent”
“Babies are Plantastic!”
“Don’t Stop Be-Leafing”
“Grow Baby Grow”
“I’m a Succ-a for Babies!”
“I’m Rootin’ for Ya!”
“Oh, Boy!”
“Plant One on Me”
“Plant Parenthood”
“Sometimes, I wet my plants.”
“Watch Me Grow!”
“You Grow Girl!”

Which of these baby shower game prizes are you looking forward to giving away at your party? What other gift ideas do you have in mind? Drop us a comment down below – we’d love to hear from you!

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