What’s the Scoop – Ice Cream Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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An ice cream-themed baby shower is a sweet and memorable way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one. It is also a perfect Gender Reveal with a “What’s the Scoop” theme. Guests are sure to enjoy the delicious treats and playful decor. Here are some creative ice cream themed baby shower ideas for decorations, food, and activities.

What’s The Scoop Gender Reveal Party
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What’s the Scoop? Gender Reveal

The “What’s the Scoop?” gender reveal theme is a cute and playful way to announce the baby’s gender. Here are some creative ideas for a “What’s the Scoop?” gender reveal:

  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Set up an ice cream sundae bar with pink and blue toppings, such as sprinkles, M&M’s, and whipped cream. When it’s time for the reveal, serve scoops of pink or blue ice cream to guests.
  • Ice Cream Cone Reveal: Prepare ice cream cones with a hidden pink or blue ice cream scoop inside. When the moment arrives, have guests take a bite to reveal the color.
  1. Ice Cream Truck Reveal: Rent an ice cream truck for your gender reveal party. Have the truck serve pink or blue ice cream to guests while playing a catchy tune. The truck’s exterior can be decorated with question marks before the reveal.
  2. Ice Cream Cake Reveal: Order or make an ice cream cake with pink or blue layers hidden inside. When the cake is cut, the gender will be revealed.
  3. Ice Cream Balloon Pop: Fill pink or blue balloons with colored paper ice cream sprinkles and confetti. Guests can pop the balloons to reveal the gender.
  4. Ice Cream Social Voting: Have guests vote on whether they think it’s a boy or a girl with pink and blue scoops. The winning scoop color can reveal the gender.
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Ice Cream Baby Shower Invitations

Creating ice cream-themed baby shower invitations is a fun way to set the tone for your sweet celebration. Keep in mind the color scheme, fonts, and images you use, as these can be reflected on the decors for a sweet and fun party. Incorporating colorful sprinkles as a design element around the invitation borders or as a background pattern would be one sweet idea.

Ice Cream Baby Shower Decorations

  • Ice Cream Balloon Garland: Create a colorful balloon garland using pastel balloons to resemble scoops of ice cream. Add sprinkles by using cutouts of small rectangular papers in various colors.
  • Ice Cream Parlor Sign: Create a sign that says “Baby’s Ice Cream Parlor” or something similar to welcome guests.
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  • Giant Ice Cream Cones: Using paper lanterns and kraft cardstock papers, make large ice cream cones as part of your decorations and place them strategically throughout the venue.
  • Table Settings: Use ice cream-themed plates, napkins, and tablecloths. Add ice cream cone placeholders for seating.
  • Ice Cream Balloon Centerpiece: Create Ice Cream cone using balloons of different sizes. Top it up with balloon or paper sprinkles and place it nicely on guest tables.

Ice Cream Baby Shower Food Ideas

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  • Ice Cream Cake: Have an ice cream cake as the centerpiece of your dessert table. Decorate it with pastel-colored frosting and baby-related decorations.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Set up a dedicated ice cream sundae bar with toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries. Use colorful bowls and spoons.
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Baby shower ice cream cone cake pops
  • Ice Cream Cone Cakepops: Make cakepops with colorful frosting that resembles scoops of ice cream and place them in actual ice cream cones.
  • Ice Cream Shakes: Offer different milkshake flavors and toppings for guests to enjoy.
  • Frozen Yogurt Bar: Provide a selection of frozen yogurt flavors with various toppings like fruit, granola, and chocolate chips.

Ice Cream Baby Shower Games

Ice cream sundae kits
  • Ice Cream Sundae Decorating Contest: Have a competition where guests can decorate their own ice cream sundaes with the provided toppings. Give prizes for the most creative sundaes.
  • Ice Cream Tasting: Set up an ice cream tasting station with a variety of unique ice cream flavors for guests to try.
  • Ice Cream Cone Craft: Provide plain sugar cones, colored frosting, and sprinkles for guests to decorate their own edible ice cream cones.
  1. Guess the Flavor Game: Blindfold guests and have them taste different ice cream flavors while trying to guess the flavor correctly.
  2. Ice Cream Truck Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with an ice cream truck backdrop and ice cream-themed props for fun pictures.

Ice Cream Baby Shower Favors

  • Ice Cream-Themed Cookies: Give guests cookies shaped like ice cream cones, sundaes, or ice cream trucks.
  • Fairy Floss Ice Cream Scoops: Provide ice cream scoops made of fairy floss with real cones.
  • Ice Cream-Themed Candles: Offer ice cream-scented or ice cream-shaped candles.

Ice Cream Themed Party Collection

Check out these sweet Ice Cream-themed baby shower parties by talented event planners and bakers! Find their detail below the image! Enjoy and get inspired!

Whats the Scoop Gender Reveal Dessert Table
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