Blueberry Baby Shower


After finding out their little one to be was just the size of a blueberry, this mom and dad to be started using it as a sweet nickname.  This led to the fantastic Blueberry Baby Shower theme that they used to celebrate this new life. As host and photographer, Nancy Ray used her innovative skills to create a charming and elegant party.

Invitations were printed on a navy paper with a white font, giving a bold look.  The art on the invite was adorable with a blending of flowers around the letters.

At the entryway to the home used to hold the event, a cute little blue and white plaid bow was tied around the door handle and beside it a tall upside down vase held a bit of framed art saying “Bonjour Blueberry.”

Indoors a comfortable seating area was arranged with a fun grouping of chairs, some were plain white, some red and white and there was even a light sofa incorporated to keep the vip super cozy.  In the center of this seating area a small coffee table had a fun blue and white cover and was accented with mini bouquets of colorful flowers.

Food was set up on a blue and white check covered table, giving a picnic vibe. Tasty edibles were offered in a finger sized formation that made it simple for everyone to nibble away. Adorable glasses of milk were put out with mini-chocolate chip cookies on the edges. There were sugar cookies frosted with blueberry art on them that were almost too pretty to eat. Mac and cheese even made an appearance in cute little polka dot containers.

For an activity, a crafting area was set up so everyone could paint little horses, as that is a favorite animal of the mom-to-be.  Little sets of paint and paintbrushes of all sizes were offered so each guest could create a masterpiece.

blueberry-baby-shower-banner blueberry-baby-shower-beverages blueberry-baby-shower-cookies-and-milk blueberry-baby-shower-crafting blueberry-baby-shower-entryway blueberry-baby-shower-flowers blueberry-baby-shower-horse-painting blueberry-baby-shower-invitations blueberry-baby-shower-jam blueberry-baby-shower-mac-and-cheese blueberry-baby-shower-seating blueberry-baby-shower-snacks blueberry-baby-shower-snack-table blueberry-baby-shower-sugar-cookies

Credits –

Host/Photographer – Nancy Ray


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