Whimsical & Vintage Baby Shower

Hitched with Huff brought this lovely Whimsical & Vintage Baby Shower to life with an array of detailed decorations that shined. Using the outdoors as a venue area, nature was used to enhance the theme brilliantly.

A gorgeous sight was created with baby-to-be’s name in a lovely cursive that was hung and bordered with a swing of fantastic flowers and topped with a lovely string of lights.

Whimsical & Vintage Baby Shower decoration ideas floral wreath

One personalized decoration that really stood out was the chalkboard set in a pretty garden area that had a sweet sentiment about the coming child.

Another sweet addition to the party area was a personalize wreath that exuded flowers all over in a cascade of beauty.

The invitations for the event were definitely one-of-a-kind with a whimsical styling that was sure to bring the guests in.

Each table looked marvelous with its little natural additions, like mini cactus’ in cute little pots. There were even miniature candles displayed for a warm and cozy touch.

Every decoration was well-thought-out, placed specifically to attract the guests attention. A fantastic dresser was set out to display wonderful little items like a vintage framed sentiment for everyone to look at. There was an adorable box place at the corner with a decadence of flowers flowing outward, adding a graceful look.

Another neat item placed out was a little vintage styled crate on its side with some fantastic vases inside. On the top a watering pot had been filled with lovely blooms and an array of fruit was laid around to add some vibrant color to the look.

Even pillows were added to the display for a sweet and comfortable looking area near the fence. In addition a door was set up and draped in leaves, really emphasizing the Whimsical Theme beautifully.

Credits –

Photography: Jose Valdez

Event Planning: Hitched With Huff – www.hitchedwithhuff.com

Floral Design: Native Poppy

Invitations: Marissa Huffman, Hitched With Huff – www.hitchedwithhuff.com

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